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    As always, excellent work. Great job Andreas (and, obviously, all contributors)!

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      Hey thanks Glaeqen! I’m so proud of all the contributors and the great work they’ve been putting in. And of course, immediately after posting the video I thought of many more things to show.. :)

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      So many broken barriers of what many would deem impossible for a hobby project.

      Kind of makes me sad do see what we once had and eventually lost:

      • UI elements that serve a purpose in the first place and leave aesthetics to a secondary plan (as it should be).
      • Obvious and simple UIs, pixel perfect text and graphics, no waste of screen real estate with ridiculous large paddings and trendy dark pattern UI elements.
      • Focus on essential functionality first

      Hackstudio is looking really nice. Also love the fact that the shell has syntax highlight and suggestions. If I may, here’s a tip: create a solid unambiguous interface for command line completions. Shells are still not very good at this. POSIX shells have the quoting problems we all know. Fish shell is better in this regard, but it doesn’t offer full control of what, how and when to trigger the completion pager.

      A couple of questions: If SSH lands, are curses applications and the like expected to work? Would you consider including a browser with an available rendering engine?