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    What’s the stability of these pre-release versions like compared to 0.5? (I want to give it a shot on a guix machine, and am wondering whether submitting an update of the packed oil-shell to 0.6pre22 is a good idea.)

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      Oh they are way better than 0.5, as far as stability and also features. Every release passes the same tests, published in HTML, and there are many more tests now.


      There have been many crashes fixed, and tons of other bugs fixed, both batch and interactive.

      The only thing I haven’t done yet is test manually on OS X, so that could be broken. But it is automatically tested on 2 Linux distros – Ubuntu and Alpine.

      The bar I set for the 0.6.0 release was “it should be something you use and then tell your friends about” :) That’s what all the work from the last 4 months is about. Unfortunately I don’t think it will get there, because it needs some new features, but the 0.6.0 release should have pretty polished error messages which will be interesting to many people.

      I think it’s useful as a development tool too. It gives more errors at parse time and runtime (in contrast ShellCheck doesn’t do anything at runtime.)

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        So I just set it up as my shell on a machine. The start went roughly like this:

        Ok, works, but I like to see the curent directory in my prompt. Let’s set PS1 based on what I have in bash – nice, works. Now how to set this up permanently, should I tell osh to source .bashrc? Check man osh: “No manual entry for osh”.

        I figured things out by now by reading online, but including a man page would be high up on my list of expectations for a Unix shell. (Judging by the content of doc/, this isn’t just a packaging issue, is it? A bare man page like doc/man.1 that links to the current http://www.oilshell.org/release/0.6.pre22/doc/osh-quick-ref.html would be a big improvement.)

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          Thanks, that’s good feedback!

          I’ve gotten one other request for a man page, filed a bug: https://github.com/oilshell/oil/issues/334

          I agree the first cut should be mostly a pointer to online resources, maybe with a PATHS section that points to ~/.config/oil/oshrc and so forth.

          I anticipated and mentioned the oshrc as the first thing you will probably run into. There are some notes here:


          and I linked this in the post: https://github.com/oilshell/oil/wiki/How-To-Test-OSH

          If you start cobbling one together, feel free to post on Zulip about it (or file issues on Github).

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        Hm sorry to hear that, hopefully it’s a temporary thing. I can connect right now. It’s hosted with Dreamhost if that gives any clues.

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          It could be weird corporate proxy issues but it wasn’t working at home, either, so maybe a weird geo routing thing.

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        I’ve been wondering what happened to Oil since the chat and Github seemed to be active, but there hadn’t been any blog posts in a while. Glad to hear it’s alive and well

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          Yeah for better worse, I think the blog will be less active than it was for awhile. I feel like people know about the project and are interested, which was the main goal of the blog. But now the #1 goal is to make it usable or even “essential” for people. I use OSH myself now, which is good, but if I switch back to bash I don’t necessarily “miss” it. So I’m working on changing that, and that problem needs to be solved with coding rather than blogging :)

          The Oil language requires a lot of blog posts, but I’m not sure when that will happen. There was a little progress on that front, mentioned in this blog post.