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    A container is

    • a lie you tell to a new process (actually not, this is just a namespace)
    • a boundary for your application (actually not, this is just a cgroup)

    and none of the above. There is a lot of confusion in this article, reading it leads to “containers are better for security” but that’s not what I discovered about containers, they lead to better isolation.

    I liked more this attempt but it’s true that containers definitions are pliable, everyone has one, with features attached.

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      Don’t be fooled by whoever flagged this as spam – I honestly have no clue why they could have. It’s technical, specific, has an interesting angle, and contains no links to any company.

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        It wasn’t me, but most likely it was flagged as spam because it is hosted on medium.

        FTR I consider any post on medium to be spam but I won’t flag them as such because the community thinks otherwise

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          I see, thank you for sharing that. May I ask what the word ‘spam’ means to you, and why you experience Medium posts as spam? I feel like the word is taking on a new meaning next to the older ‘unsolicited (self-)advertisement’ and ‘meaningless/uninteresting content’ senses, but I don’t know this new meaning yet, and I’d like to get an idea.

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            I wouldn’t necessarily categorize (let alone flag) medium posts as spam, though I fully agree with PuercoPop’s point w.r.t. unsolicited ads. But I have to say the dick bars annoy me more than ever before and in fact I just thought about blacklisting the whole domain in my hosts file as I was trying to read an interesting article (linked from HN) and couldn’t bear the UX. Now reader mode isn’t far away but I’m really irritated that I have to work around such terrible design in the first place. And I’m irritated that it’s been like that for a long time, people have complained about it for a long time, and medium is clearly not interested in fixing it. Fuck them..

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              The meaning unsolicited advertisement works perfectly for me. Every time I open a medium post I see a huge banner from medium. Granted the people how publish in medium are more like unknowing accomplices to the spam, but it is still spam.

              I think more than taking a new meaning, some people have normalized spam because of its perverseness in the web.

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                I understand now. Thank you.

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          This helps reinforce the ‘shortcut’ I’ve been using to help explain containers to more unix-aware folks who are otherwise having trouble with the concept - “containers are a glorified/tarted-up chroot”. I’ll start sharing this article along with my pity witticism to help further clarify the concept. Many thanks for sharing!

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            I used to call them tarballs with sockets, I still think it fits.

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            Short, but interesting.