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The company is 100% remote and we’re looking for contract or full-time Rust programmers to help port and maintain our live video signaling backend and client libraries. We have (Series A) funding and about 20 full-time employees so far. Happy to answer any questions!

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    $120,000 - $190,000 for a remote position? Are you accepting international candidates? I’m not trying to apply, just curious about this wonderful post-covid engineering labour market.

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      Yes, we have folks in the US, Canada, and Germany so far. And we’ve been remote since the beginning (hey, we make a realtime video meeting platform after all!), but COVID has certainly changed things for a lot of companies.

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        Well, kudos for offering SF salaries to international remote workers! This is 3+ times what similar local positions typically offer. I’m not looking for a position right now, but sent the link to some folks that might be interested, and will check back to see if you have any backend Node openings.