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**Company**:** XXXXXX

**Company site:** XXXXX

**Position(s):** XXXXXX

**Location:** XXXXXX (please specify whether REMOTE or ONSITE)

**Description:** XXXXXX

**Tech stack:** XXXXXX

**Compensation:** Salary, equity, vacation, major benefits.

**Contact:** XXXXXX
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      Company: Oil Shell open source project

      Company site: https://www.oilshell.org/

      Position(s): C++ / Python Language Engineer

      Location: REMOTE (I’m in the US, but Europe/Canada preferred for reasons related to the grant. Feel free to contact me in any case.)


      I have a slightly unusual job funded by a grant under https://nlnet.nl ! Everything about the job is flexible – think of it as an open source project where you happen to get paid for specialized skill.

      The job is to work on a garbage-collected language runtime and OS bindings in C++. This is the foundation of an open source shell. Most of the project’s code is written in statically typed Python, and this is the “unsafe core”.

      There is also related work on a Python translator/compiler in Python.

      We’ve had one person working under the grant since June, and he’s been paid (Jesse). This is working great, but we can use more help.

      The good news is that this process has made the code more accessible, cleaner, and open to contribution (updated docs, cleaned up the build system, CI, etc.)

      We also have 2 or 3 other interested people, with varying degrees of commitments (full time job, etc)

      Everything about the project is open, so please take a look and contact me at andy@oilshell.org if interested. We can chat online or do a video call (I’m based in the USA). We can also arrange a code walkthrough or paid “trial period”. We want people who will have fun working on these problems.


      https://github.com/oilshell/oil/wiki/Compiler-Engineer-Job – slightly older, the work is more concrete now, less open-ended

      A Garbage-Collected Heap in C++, Shaped Like Typed Python


      Recent blog posts may give you a sense of what we’re doing: http://www.oilshell.org/blog/

      Tech stack: C++, Python, Shell (and R if you like writing benchmarks)

      Compensation: The first grant was for 50K euros, and a potential second grant would be for 50K, to be split up among contributors

      Contact: andy@oilshell.org

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      Company: Datafold

      Company site: http://datafold.com/

      Position(s): Software Engineer, Database expert

      Location: REMOTE

      Description: Datafold is looking for paid contributors for its open-source project, data-diff. Part-time or Full-time.

      We are looking for developers with a deep understanding of databases and solid Python knowledge.

      You will be working with me, Erez, as the project leader. This is a great chance to work in the open on a fun and useful project that is quickly growing in popularity.

      Tech stack: Python, SQL

      Compensation: TBD

      Contact: Message me here on lobsters, or via mail at erezshin@gmail.com

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      Company: AdaCore

      Company site: https://www.adacore.com

      Position(s): GCC/GNU Toolchain Developer, Build System Developer, DevSecOps developer, QA Release Engineer, Software Supply Chain Engineer, Product Security Engineer, Cloud Platform Administrator.

      Location: Some positions are available remotely, others are in Paris/Grenoble/Toulouse/Vannes in France, the Product Security Engineer one is in Dresden in Germany.

      Description: AdaCore’s original mission was to maintain GNAT, GCC’s Ada frontend. The company quickly expanded and is now maintaining a lot of tools revolving around the Ada ecosystem (build systems, other backends for GNAT, IDEs, various parsing technologies, static analysis tools, formal proof tooling, embedded runtimes…). Everything we do is open source and we make money by selling support, trainings, certification etc.

      Tech stack: Depends a lot on the position, but knowing Ada is not a requirement (AdaCore can even provide trainings in the language if necessary). If you’re going for the Release Engineer, DevSecOps or Software Supply Chain Enginner positions, you’ll likely need Python.

      Compensation: Depends on the position and experience. AdaCore seems to pay an average salary from what I can tell.

      Contact: Please go through the webpage dedicated to the position you’re interested in :).

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      Company: Zyte

      Company site: https://zyte.com

      Position(s): DevOps Engineer, DevOps Team Lead, Java Developer with Hadoop

      Location: REMOTE (Anywhere, ignore Workable location please)

      Description: Zyte is the company behind the scraping library scrapy. We offer everything web scraping, including anti-ban and proxies. We have 100+ developers and trying to dramatically strengthen our infrastructure.

      Tech stack: GCP/GKE, Hetzner, Terraform, SaltStack, Apache Mesos, Consul, Mysql, Hadoop, …

      Compensation: Based on location/negotiation, I don’t know, 35 vacation days, growth within the company, open source contributions, internal Learning-Development-Program,

      Contact: Please send me a private message on lobsters,or Twitter @ioPhileas and I can refer you in our internal recruitment tool, alternatively apply through the provided links at “positions”.

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      Company: Bitnomial

      Company site: https://bitnomial.com/jobs/

      Positions: Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Frontend Engineer

      Location: US - REMOTE

      Description: We’re a CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange all written in Haskell. Our first products are Bitcoin futures and options. We use ansible and terraform for our operations automation. Trading industry experience is a plus. Check out some of our open source projects at https://github.com/bitnomial

      Tech stack: Haskell, Typescript/React, Postgres, Ansible, Terraform, AWS

      Compensation: Depends on position, but these are salaried positions with equity options, $125-200k/yr base, 401(k) with 4% matching, and healthcare

      Contact: careers@bitnomial.com

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      Company: Ramp

      Company site: https://ramp.com

      Position(s): Various roles, including backend and frontend engineering positions.

      Location: Your choice of remote or in-office in New York City or Miami.

      Description: Ramp is building the next generation of finance tools – from corporate cards and expense management, to bill payments and accounting integrations – designed to save businesses time and money with every click. Thousands of companies are spending an average of 3.3% less and closing their books 86% faster by switching to Ramp’s finance automation platform. Founded in 2019, Ramp powers the fastest-growing corporate card in America and enables billions of dollars of purchases each year on the heels of nearly 10x year-over-year growth.

      Tech stack: Frontend is built on TypeScript and React. Backend is Python, PostgreSQL, and Elixir.

      Compensation: Salary is very competitive. Given we are early stage, lucrative equity is on offer. Fully covered health, dental and vision insurance for you (with partial contributions for dependents), 401(k) with employer match, education, WFH, and wellness stipends, parental leave, and relocation support package. Flexible PTO policy.

      Contact: Head to the careers page I linked and apply for the role on the page. If you have general questions about working at Ramp, email me at asteinborn@ramp.com.

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      Company: Inferex

      Company site: https://inferex.com/

      Position(s): Frontend / Python / DevOps / MLOps

      Location: REMOTE

      Description: Inferex | Python/DevOps/UX/Frontend | REMOTE WORLDWIDE | Funded Startup | Full-Time

      Our mission is to accelerate the global impact of AI. TL;DR: Inferex Magically Productionizes ML Pipelines (our first platform).

      In one line of code, convert any ML pipeline into a production service deployed across any cloud, including Inferex Metal (our on-premise compute)!

      Triggered during CI/CD, Inferex automates microservice creation, containerization, data loading, dependency management, testing, scaling, authentication, logging, exception handling, versioning, DNS, and much more! Also, APIs are versioned alongside git and support historical cold-starts.

      We want to build infrastructure, teams, and tooling that will allow us in the future to develop verticals across hundreds of other industries.

      We’re passionate, funded, and highly capable - come build the incredible at Inferex.

      BTW, we were a breakout startup at Web Summit 2021 and voted 2022’s top 50 most ambitious companies.

      As mentioned in the Currency: https://thecurrency.news/articles/68647/with-his-four-man-te

      I can’t wait to work with you.

      CEO @ IX,


      Tech stack: Vue, Python, JS, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. Huge project.

      Compensation: Salary, equity, no calls on Wednesdays, paid leave, health insurance, etc.

      Contact: greg@inferex.com

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      Company:** Render

      Company site: https://render.com/

      Position(s): Engineering Manager (Product), Support Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers

      Location: EM is hybrid SF, others are Remote

      Description: Here at Render, we are building a powerful, easy-to-use cloud platform to host anything online: from simple static sites to complex applications with dozens of microservices. Render offers the flexibility of traditional cloud providers without their complexity and maintenance headaches so developers and businesses can focus on building products instead of managing servers.

      Tech stack: React, GraphQL, Go, Kubernetes and PostgreSQL

      Compensation: Competitive cash and equity compensation, 4 weeks PTO, and more!

      Contact: Apply directly on our careers page: https://render.com/careers#open-roles

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      Company: Black Lantern Security

      Company site: https://www.blacklanternsecurity.com/

      Position(s): Senior/Junior/Web Penetration Tester, IR Analyst / Blue team

      Location: Charleston, SC, or possible remote (depends on role etc.)

      Description: About Black Lantern Security: Founded in 2013, Black Lantern Security helps financial, retail, service and variety of other companies learn how to defend their networks by exposing them to Attacker’s Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (Attack to Defend). We are dedicated to developing security solutions specifically tailored to the customer’s business objectives, resources, and overall mission.

      Tech stack: See job descriptions for more details on our website.

      Compensation: Role etc. dependent.

      Contact: Email the listed contact in the job page on our site.

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      Company: Jobvite (Employ is the parent company)

      Company site: https://www.jobvite.com/ and https://talent.jobvite.com/

      Position(s): Full stack Rails developer (IC2 - eg 2-4 years experience)

      Location: Remote Canada (or Kitchener, ON)

      Description: Jobvite provides a suite of talent acquisition tools for larger enterprise customers. The position is for an intermediate level developer to join the ‘Candidate Experience’ team where we work on, amongst other things, the content management system powering corporate career sites, the job application process, inbound job in-take, outbound job publishing and a host of smaller projects/components to support those things.

      Tech stack: Rails 6. Front end of moving to React (lots is vanilla Rails still though). Local dev is Docker Desktop with Kubernetes.

      Compensation: 80-95K CAD, 3 Weeks PTO (to start), company wide bonus program, extended health.

      Contact: https://talent.jobvite.com/jobs/10349940-software-engineer (but you can DM me too and I’ll put you in touch with the right person)

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      Company: AllSpice

      Company site: https://allspice.io/

      Position(s): Rust Backend Engineer (data structures), Rust Software Intern (paid), Vue/JS/TS Software Intern (paid), Infrastructure Consultant (contract)

      Location: REMOTE or Somerville, MA

      Description: At AllSpice, we’re building the future of hardware development and collaboration, applying modern agile design principles to the hardware industry with revision control, design review, and automated test (think GitHub/Bitbucket for hardware). We have a highly-capable, tight-knit, remote-first team with a flex office in Somerville, MA and competitive benefits. We strongly value continuous communication and personal development.

      Tech stack: Depends on the role but we have Rust, Go, Vue, and Docker among others

      Compensation: Competitive salary & equity, health, dental, vision, generous PTO, home office stipend.

      Contact: kyle@allspice.io or jobs@allspice.io with a link to your GitHub/GitLab profile and/or resume

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      Company: PingThings

      Company site: https://pingthings.io

      Position(s): Software Engineer

      Location: REMOTE anywhere – must be willing to meet during US core hours.

      Description: Pingthings is a startup built around a custom high performance time series database, focusing on improving the way that the energy industry monitors the grid. We have a small number of large customers, and have won grants from the Department of Energy, ARPA-E, and the National Science Foundation. We’re also, to my knowledge, the only company that has successfully recruited via 9p.

      We’re looking for strong software engineers across the stack – data science, infrastructure, devops – with our current focus on a frontend engineer that likes doing data visualization.

      Tech stack: Go, Typescript, K8S,

      Compensation: Depends on position and seniority.

      Contact: jobs@pingthings.io OR reach out directly to ori@pingthings.io

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        must be willing to meet during US core hours.

        You might want to specify what US time zone this is and what you consider to be core hours. There is no overlap between west-coast and UK working days, for example, whereas there is an overlap for east coast, but it may not fall in what you call core hours.

        That said, if I actually were looking for a job, this line would be a massive red flag that tells me that no one at your company knows you to run an inclusive geographically distributed team and that anyone not in the office will be a second-class citizen.

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          tells me that no one at your company knows you to run an inclusive geographically distributed team

          That’s a little harsh, especially in this casual atmosphere. You could just ask for clarification.

          Also, “must be willing to meet during” isn’t the same as “must be constantly available”.

          (just to clarify, I don’t know pingthings or ori, just responding to your tone)

        2. 1

          Core hours are somewhat flexible, generally the meetings cluster between 12:00 and 16:00 EST.

          There’s no office.

          However, most coworkers and customers are currently scattered across the US, so meetings are scheduled for US time zones. If you are in Europe, Asia, or elsewhere, you will have meetings scheduled at odd hours. I believe we used to restrict hiring to the US, but decided that people can make their own choices about what hours they’re willing to meet.

          I put that line there for a reason. You call it a red flag, I call it important information.

          1. 1

            Core hours are somewhat flexible, generally the meetings cluster between 12:00 and 16:00 EST.

            That’s useful information, but it leaves out how meeting times are determined. From your post, it sounds as they’re put somewhere that works for the majority and it’s up to the minority to deal with the inconvenience. In my experience, that kind of corporate culture tends to permeate everything and if you’re not part of the in group then it’s going to suck to be you, whether you’re a different ethnicity, gender, nationality, time zone, educational background, or whatever to the majority of the team. That’s why I consider this kind of thing to be a red flag: you’re not saying ‘come and work for us, enrich our team culture, and we will adapt our working practices so that everyone can deliver their best’, you’re saying ‘come and work for us, if our working practices put you at a disadvantage then deal with it or leave’.

            If that isn’t your corporate culture, then you might want to think a bit about how it is perceived in your job ads. For example, I note that your ad does not contain any gender-coded words, which is usually a sign that a company is at least thinking a bit about inclusive hiring. If that is part of your values then it’s a shame that you don’t put as much effort into the first thing that people read. For example, consider the following alternative:

            We are a remote-first office. The majority of our employees and customers are in the US. We make an effort to schedule internal meetings at times that are convenient for all attendees but some customer meetings have to be between 12:00 and 16:00 EST to accommodate their working hours.

            This tells me that you care about your employees but acknowledge that there are some times when they need to work around your requirements.

            Or even this, from one of the other ads on this page:

            Location: Remote. The majority of the team is in the US, GMT -9 to -4.

            This is more neutral, but it at least doesn’t convey the attitude that you’re unwilling to compromise and suggests that, as long as you have some overlap with these hours then you’ll be able to schedule meetings either within or close to what you consider to be the working day.

            For reference: I work in the UK, for Microsoft, which is a very Seattle-heavy organisation. I work with a load of folks in Seattle and the Bay Area, yet I almost never have to have meetings more than an hour outside of 9-5. Outlook warns you when you set up a meeting if it’s outside of working hours for some of the participants and there’s an expectation that you’ll pay attention to this warning and, especially, if you repeatedly schedule meetings outside of the working hours of someone more junior to you (who is less able to say no) then you should expect a conversation with your manager about it.

            1. 2

              From your post, it sounds as they’re put somewhere that works for the majority and it’s up to the minority to deal with the inconvenience. In my experience, that kind of corporate culture tends to permeate everything and if you’re not part of the in group then it’s going to suck to be you, whether you’re a different ethnicity, gender, nationality, time zone, educational background, or whatever to the majority of the team.

              That feels like an odd stretch to me, but in case anyone feels the same way you do –

              Currently 40% of my team (infrastructure engineering) identifies as female. In a recent conversation a teammate said that one of the reasons they really enjoy working here is that they constantly feel respected. She’s also described feeling like “part of the avengers, where everyone has their different talents and approaches, and I know where and who to go to for every kind of problem”.

              In general, I think that this team has a solid culture, where everyone has each other’s back and is willing to put in effort and thought into making sure everyone is supported, helped, and at their best. Everyone I work with is quick to give others credit for their help in successes, and quick to lend a hand when they can.

              People are generally trusted to do things their own way, and given a good amount of creative freedom over their projects, with help and support when they need it. There’s generally a solid culture of mentorship.

              And while there are quieter voices and louder ones (I’m one of the loudmouths), the louder voices tend to be self aware and make sure that the quieter people get a chance to be heard, and we make sure that they get a chance and forum to influence process, approaches, and culture.

              Finally, while these aren’t official – both myself and our CEO have gone through the Recurse Center, and tend to point new candidates at the RC social rules as a guideline.

              I know more than one colleague across different teams have interviewed at other places, and decided to stay where they were because they liked the culture and coworkers.

              Obviously, this is just one aspect of work, and there is plenty of suck too. (if anyone reading happens to consider applying and wants an anti-pitch, I’m happy to discuss the reasons you should not join this company. Just reach out.).

              Anyways, I’d be willing to talk more about how to best support a team where exactly one member is working in a time zone that prevents them from negotiating some form of reasonable core hours to meet with their US-timezone based colleagues, but I don’t think this is the right forum for that. (And I don’t make the final decision, but good ideas are always welcome.)

              Location: Remote. The majority of the team is in the US, GMT -9 to -4.

              Sure, it implies the same thing to me, but it reads better. I’ll probably use that for future postings.

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      Company: Luna Physical Therapy

      Compay Site: https://www.getluna.com

      Position(s): Mid-Senior Software Engineer

      Location: Remote

      Description: See below

      Tech stack: Primary Ruby + Rails, moving to Elixir + Phoenix

      Compensation: $150K - $180K + equity

      Contact: Me! Feel free to DM me here or email anthony at getluna dot com

      Luna Physical Therapy (https://www.getluna.com) is a well-funded, fast growing startup looking for mid to senior level Ruby & Rails developers who also have an interest in Elixir. We currently have a Rails 6 app running Ruby 3.0.x that supports most of the business, but we are moving towards a micro-service architecture using Elixir. This would be a founding engineer position, joining an existing team of less than 10 engineers. Currently, our business revolves around providing at-home care for patients in need of physical therapy, but we are looking to expand into other areas of care in the near future. In order to accomplish this, we would like to hire a few more engineers help us build great new products, as well as improve our existing ones. What we’re looking for:

      • 4+ years experience building consumer applications using frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, or something similar. No worries if you haven’t worked with those, you can learn!
      • You have an interest in learning & working with Elixir in the long run
      • Self starter that consistently delivers and has a genuine interest in what you’re building
      • You enjoy working closely with stakeholders to come up with the best solution
      • Demonstrated ability to own a project from start to finish
      • Solid testing practices (you understand the value of writing automated tests for your code and consistently do so!)
      • Authorized to work in the US
      • Ability to follow US Pacific Time working hours

      What we offer:

      • $150K - 180K base salary based on experience
      • Generous equity package in an early stage startup that already has significant market traction
      • Fully remote, but we meetup periodically to hangout and collaborate in person (and I usually drag everyone fishing!)
      • Leadership opportunities: we want the folks we hire now to be mentors to those we hire in the future

      If you think you might be interested, please DM me or email anthony at getluna dot com

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      Company:** Lofty

      Company site: https://hirelofty.com

      Position(s): Mid level or senior full stack engineer

      Location: REMOTE (must be a US citizen. we do have an office in northwest Arkansas)

      Description: In a nutshell: we help scale the work of data scientists and field experts into something that can be used by their peers or customers. We work primarily with the agricultural, engineering, architectural, energy, and construction industries. We need smart and mature folks to help us build great projects for our clients.

      Tech stack: Django and Vue (open to talking if you know Python and JavaScript but not those specific frameworks)

      Compensation: Pay varies based on skill. It ranges from $70,000-130,000. We have flexible schedules, a retirement plan, fully sponsored health insurance, and home office and gym stipends. We also have a lab day every other Friday where everybody in the company works on their own learning projects rather than client projects.

      Contact: hobbs@hirelofty.com or see https://hirelofty.com/careers for the full job posting.

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      Company: Internet Systems Consortium

      Company site: https://www.isc.org

      Position(s): technical support engineer

      Location: remote (preferably US business hours)

      Description: Do you have some experience in successfully running critical network infrastructure and want to help others do the same? ISC is looking for another Technical Support Engineer to help sysadmins running our BIND9 and Kea DHCP software.

      Tech stack: RT for custimer support tickets, Mattermost for chat, Zimbra for mail and calendars, Gitlab for software engineering. Kea DHCP is C++, BIND9 is C11.

      Compensation: TBD

      Contact: see https://www.isc.org/careers/ (please mention I referred you!)

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      Company: Pachyderm

      Company site: https://www.pachyderm.com

      Position(s): 16 roles are hiring including Frontend, Fullstack, DevOps, Test, and Distributed Systems engineers

      Location: Remote. The majority of the team is in the US, GMT -9 to -4.

      Description: We’re building an open source enterprise-grade data science platform that lets you deploy and manage multi-stage, language-agnostic data pipelines while maintaining complete reproducibility and provenance. Pachyderm brings together version-control for data with the tools to build scalable end-to-end ML/AI pipelines while empowering users to use any language, framework, or tool they want.

      Our team is over 60 strong and growing!

      Product description page (video demo at bottom). Docs site. Github repo.

      Tech stack: Docker, Kubernetes, Golang, Postgres on the backend and infrastructure teams. Typescript, React, GraphQL (Apollo), Jest, and Cypress on the web team.

      Compensation: Salary is competitive, inquire for specific roles. Significant equity, 401k, and full benefits (100% medical, dental and vision for employees, 50% for all dependents). Tech and office stipends; what you buy is yours to keep. Education and donation stipends to support your career growth and community.

      Contact: Apply through the careers page but feel free to message me here too!