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    I hate when there are presentations like this that dive into FP by shoving things like currying and the map/filter/reduce/sort functions in the audience’s face. I’m quite sure that many, many JavaScript developers are familiar with these methods and how to work with immutable data. I do not believe functional composition and brevity is this important when it comes to FP in JavaScript.

    The important concepts behind Functional JavaScript should be a focus on how to architect entire applications, UIs, event systems in a purely-functional manner (by means of things like FRP libraries, React, Immutable.js, etc). Learning about how to pass functions to functions is pointless when you’re rarely given a context to do so.

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      There is a single, very clear definition of functional programming:

      Programming with functions.

      Where functions are functions in the mathematical sense. This is what functional programming meant since Landin’s paper’s. Recently the term has been abused but that doesn’t change almost 50 years of history.

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        This should have the “slides” tag.

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          Correct, I missed that!