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    It’s like someone looked at JavaScript, Go, took their defining characteristics, made them as pure as possible and then thought “what’s the worst possible consequence I could take from this”. And then sells it completely straight without even flinching at the sheer nonsense result, while also responding to current trends in programming languages.

    I just wonder how long until someone comes along who doesn’t realize this is satire perfected to a work of art and actually use it in production.

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      The original INTERCAL was basically the same thing, but for the “hip” mainframe languages of the 1970s; I feel like IntercalScript is a worthy successor in that regard.

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      When I saw the name “IntercalScript” I thought “oh, somebody’s implemented an INTERCAL interpreter in JS, that’s pretty cute”, but no, it’s much better than that.

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        I’m impressed that someone spent That Much Time on this. Or maybe “impressed” is not the most appropriate word…

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          The appropriate word is “delighted”

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          The implementation languages listed by Github really tell you all you need to know:

          • Brainfuck: 20.8%
          • Go: 18.9%
          • COBOL: 12.5%
          • Idris: 12.1%
          • TXL: 6.2%
          • Metal: 4.4%
          • Other: 25.1%

          For a good time, try to find all these languages.

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            Thanks for the trip down the memory lane. I too thought of INTERCAL first

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              The “coverage 110%” and “build extremely passing” badges are very nice touches. :)