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      Kudos to the original author, not only for the high quality original content but for the creative use of phpBB as their blogging platform. Not only does this give simple content mark up, inline attachments and search for free, it also provides an all in one user commenting and subscription mailing capability by changing some basic forum settings, great idea!

      Another pleasant side effect is that it didn’t bring my current gen CPU to its knees rendering drop shadows, rounded corners and scrolling effects! :D

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        Agner’s been using forum software for his blog for a long time, although oddly enough the move to phpBB is recent (2019). From 2009–2019 he used a more minimalist forum that I don’t recognize. Possibly his own software?

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          Interesting, the generator suggests AForum 1.4.2, but didn’t find anything further.

          I first hosted and managed phpBB back in 2001, which is I guess why I find its use here so refreshing between the posts about frameworks and ways to bring back ‘the old web’.

          With all the content management systems and hosted solutions out there, phpBB is a great example of an opensource community and product that has provided a reliable platform and consistent migration path for user owned, self hosted content for close to 20 years.

          Sure it’s using PHP, which appears increasingly out of vogue with the modern wave a web development. But the stack is so ubiquitous it can be hosted reliably for pocket change.

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        this is such a cool idea, i wonder why i haven’t seen it before. gotta investigate if it will work for me.

        also it didn’t have a full screen banner image to scroll past, just a little BBS menu.

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          i wonder why i haven’t seen it before.

          I take it you didn’t surf the web much 10-15 years ago. Web forums software was king and there was all sorts of usage in all creative ways. With forum software authors themselves encourage such creative use and always pointing out that you could use it as a blog, a news site, issue tracker, an archive front end, etc.

          Back in the day, I had this private phpbb forum in which I would archive thousands of posts per day I scrapped from a curated list of blogs via RSS. PHPbb shipped with its own custom made full text index. Searching large corpus was a breeze.

          Good memories.

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            The PHP forum wars of the 00’s is an era that shouldn’t be forgotten! and phpBB survived through it all.

            Not only the inbuilt full text searching, the built in template and caching engine is also worth a mention.. a great piece of work that dramatically dropped resource usage in tightly packed shared hosting environments.

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        Not a fan of php, but no complaints about the simplicity of the page phpbb generates.

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        It made so much sense to me that I didn’t realize at all I was looking at an instance of phpBB.

        Awesome idea.

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      It’s great to see that at least some CPU manufacturers still invest in optimizations that don’t rip open gaping security holes (unlike Intel).

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        Everyone who makes fast CPUs make use of speculative execution. Everyone makes optimizations which leak internal state through timing side channels. Intel seems worse than most, but they’re certainly not alone.

        It wouldn’t actually surprise me if you could come up with situations where this exact optimization leaks information about the address of something through timing changes.