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…Or the press release.

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      This could be a real boon for schools that are already invested in the Google ecosystem but have lots of legacy hardware that didn’t come with ChromeOS. Although I don’t love embracing Google’s services even more, the security benefits would be pretty significant. Especially with how Microsoft drew a weird line in the sand with Windows 11 update compatibility, there might be a lot of admins who take a long, hard look at ChromeOS now.

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      I guess this is what the CloudReady puchase turned into?

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        Yes. I’m a happy ChromeOS user for 6+ years now. It started for me with basically a more capable tablet and now my primarily mobile workstation is a Chromebook I use for some local dev on it but mostly remotely connect back to my primarily desktop workstation.

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      Back to the mainframe we go.

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      I remember spending so much time installing different builds of Chromium OS and Android X86 on my netbook. This was the first time I encountered the terminal, BIOS, etc. I’m glad there’s an official solution if I would need to modernise an old computer of a friend

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      It also comes with a list of supported devices (https://support.google.com/chromeosflex/answer/11513094) which kind of acts as a list of devices where modern Linux distributions should work well too.