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      Not saying the author is wrong but isn’t that usually the case except you have a really limited scope?

      Let’s say Linux kernel development - it doesn’t include the users when you say “the kernel developers” - because there is no community of that name. When you go to certain programming languages it’s a bit more muddled. On the one end of the spectrum you have one where the language runtime developers are active in the userbase (more common with smaller or newer languages) and then you have where they are pretty removed from the user base (maybe commercial languages even more so), but there will always be “the community at large” where certain parts never feel part of it and smaller communities.

      I’m a little confused. Except for toy languages with up to 50 users and devs combined I’ve never seen “the X community”, it’s more like a trope where I repeatedly have shouted “you don’t speak for me”, usually into the void ;)

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