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    The redundant design of the ADIRU also meant that it wasn’t mandatory to replace the unit when an accelerometer failed.

    I do not think that word means what you think it means …

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      The passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight 124 were just settling into their five-hour flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur that late on the afternoon of 1 August 2005.

      It’s always Malaysia Airlines, isn’t it?

      On a more serious note, does anyone know why Malaysia Airlines seems to have awful luck with their 777s? I’m thinking it’s probably coincidence, since the MH370 disappearance and MH17 downing can’t really be blamed on the airline. Assuming, of course, that MH370 wasn’t a preventable mechanical error. Intriguing.

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        The irony, she said, is that the more advanced the automated system, the more crucial the contribution of the human operator becomes to the successful operation of the system.

        Ever accidentally rebooted your virtualization cluster? Better tools give you more power, more power means your screwups have bigger impact.

        The operator here is not only the guy in the cabin, but also the team of programmers who wrote the system. At least until we finally manage to prove things to be correct in all relevant aspects.