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hi. long time lurker. Looking for headphones for noisy office space, wondering what other lobsterers here are using that they are happy with. looking for 100-200$ range


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    I have tried a lot of closed headphones so I’ll throw my two cents in.

    The best isolating over ear headphones I have used are probably the Beyerdynamic DT770M (the M is the extra-isolating model for drummers) and it fits in your price range. The standard DT770 comes with velour pads and isolates well, but not as well as the M model.

    The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and A700x (the other closed A#00 models do as well, but the A900x costs double and the A500x doesn’t sound good imo) also do a good job isolating and sound pretty good.

    The Sennheiser HD280 isolate well, but clamp so hard it hurts and don’t sound particularly good.

    The Sony MDR-V6 (and family) isolate OK, but I don’t love the fit or sound.

    The Bose Quiet Comfort were comfortable for on-ears, but didn’t seal well for me and didn’t sound very good either.

    The V-moda LP2 were supposedly over ear, but felt like on-ears and didn’t seal well, and thus didn’t isolate well or remain comfortable.

    I am probably missing some I have tried, but that should give you a good start.

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      I can vouch for what this man says. I got a pair of DT770s (for me) and a pair of ATH-M50 (for the wife) per his recommendation. Both of us are extremely happy with them!

      When I take my DT770s into the office, I am in my own world!

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      I’ll drop this here: https://marco.org/headphones-closed-portable

      I happen to like Bose (and just picked up the QC25 to replace two older pairs) but that’s because I use them on planes, so there’s a premium on size and I really want active noise cancelling, not just noise isolation.

      If you’re going to wear them in an office, I’d be slightly more concerned with long term comfort and less with noise. MDR 7506 or 280 Pro.

      I also have a pair of sennheiser RS 160 wireless headphones. Being able to get up and move around without getting tangled in a cord is great.

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        A bit above your price range, but I’ve seen many people with ATH-M50x. Very good isolation, although I found the bass too strong when I tried them.

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          OK so I know these aren’t noise cancellers, but I bought a pair of Sony MDR-7506 explicitly for this purpose in 2013 for $90 based on the Wirecutter review. I’d expected to spend up to $200 or so, but someone I know who’s a big music head said that these were really good & suitable for cutting out office noise, so I just went to Adorama and splurged. He was right - they were, and still are, great.

          Interestingly the WC review was updated yesterday and still says they’re the best closed-back cans for $150 and under. Of course they’re not the best headphones in the world, and like I say they don’t do noise cancellation, but for the money they’re really pretty darn good. Good isolation at work, decent volume; good low range, decent clarity in the upper middle & top. $80 on Amazon? Can’t go wrong.

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            I have some Sennheiser HD 280 Pro and I always have http://asoftmurmur.com/ in the background.

            Works great for me.

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              If you’re not interested in listening to music and just want quiet, I have colleagues who wear noise-reduction earmuffs, such as the ClearArmor 141001 Safety Ear Muffs. No need to cancel the noise if you can just eliminate it.

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                thanks. i guess noise cancelling isn’t a must - i was working on the assumption that would be the feature that would really cut the noise around when people start having loud convos - but it sounds like people have some success with large over the ears, so i’ll look at those too

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                  In my experience (with Bose QuietComfort) the noise cancelling works by far the best on the white-noise/static kind of noises. Which is why it’s so good on airplanes, it really cuts out the jets and the … err, wind, I guess, or whatever the components of the roaring noise are. For unpredictable and dynamic sounds, it’s really not so effective, they just cut through. I think good isolation is more important in an office environment.