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    I’m always surprised when I see Clean Code being recommended. It was originally recommended to me a few years ago, so I bought it and Code Complete at the same time. Without a doubt I feel like Code Complete is the stronger book - and some of the practices that Clean Code suggests only really applies to Java, and only in some cases. It’s worth reading, but I would not recommend it. Whereas Code Complete is a very good read, and the concepts and rules it teaches can apply to multiple places.

    That being said, it’s been a few years since I’ve read either of them. Maybe I should do so next time I’m home.

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      I hadn’t heard of Code Complete. I appreciate the recommendation

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        Code Complete is great. One of my base recommendations to new programmers.

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      Not my site, and the links are all amazon affiliate links, but I found the list interesting.

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        Filtering to the Javascript tag still contains the “Effective C++” book? Typing in tags also gives unusual or unexpected results. Maybe it has a set list of books.