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    I’m surprised, and a little frightened, that the C++ compiler itself didn’t identify a lot of these bugs.

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      Can anyone expand on what this means:

      This function logs text from the clipboard and apparently sends it off to Microsoft servers

      It seems if you accidentally paste in an invalid expression to calculator (such as a password you forgot was on your clipboard), it sends it to Microsoft? How is that reasonable?

      I’m running Windows 10, so I literally cannot turn off Windows Defender. Defender breaks my email client once a week, interferes with my work, has never protected me from anything, and it turns out that Microsoft is the real spyware vendor.

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        How is that reasonable?

        It is not. This combined with the inability to turn opt-out from telemetry is probably a breach of GDPR tbh, but that doesn’t really help people.

        The simple answer is to not use Windows 10. I know that’s not really simple, but it is the only reasonable solution.