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    Hydra really intrigues me, and I’ve used Nix{OS} a fair amount. But for some reason, every time I try to install Hydra, I get stuck. Like, at the package installation step.

    A few years ago I tried to install it, the package name was unrecognized, I asked on GitHub, someone told me to install a different package, and someone else told me not to do that because it’s a hack. So I gave up. I recently tried again only to run I to the same issue.

    It’s a shame because the idea is very, very nice.

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      Interesting. How did you try to install it? The NixOS module is probably the best approach: https://search.nixos.org/options?channel=21.05&from=0&size=50&sort=relevance&type=packages&query=services.hydra

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      What is the non-nix way of doing it? Github Actions?

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        It’s not a binary choice. There are ways without Nix or cloud actions, and there are also ways to invoke Nix from cloud actions. Rather, there are many possible choices corresponding to many situations and niches.

        Hydra is well-suited to its original design niche, where a binary cache serving many users is populated by a single trusted builder owned by a build team. It offers management of multiple build channels, so that multiple release teams can continuously integrate many package sets.