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      It warms the cockles of my heart to learn that mutt’s still being actively developed :)

      I know I should migrate off of Gmail, but I have the keystrokes in muscle memory at this point.

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        I have given up on trying to migrate off Gmail at this point. I’ve tried mutt, pine, thunderbird, and a host of other GUI based email clients (most of which are now defunct at this point, I’m looking at you sparrow) and none of them have stuck. The only caveat is offline email access is not all that important to me and I can using something like offlineimap to create a backup of the emails.

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          Ah, yeah, Sparrow getting eaten by The Goog was super painful. I loved that client!

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          How about FastMail?

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            I recently just moved off of FastMail back to Gmail after using it for 1 year. I liked FastMail but at the end of the day I was missing the integration between the Google products and frankly the mobile app left some to be desired compared to the Gmail app, the web ui was fine however.

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              Not to be too sardonic: but you mean the integration where people you e-mail with suggested in Google+, etc.? Or where images that are shared in an application covered by Google Apps for Work (Hangouts) show up in ad-mined services such as Google+ or Google Photos?

              One thing I have appreciated when moving away from Google Apps is that my data is much better compartmentalized and I decide what can be linked when.

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        but I have the keystrokes in muscle memory at this point.

        But you can add (nearly) the same keystrokes to mutt as well.

        macro index y "<save-message>=Archive<enter><enter>"
        macro index d "<save-message>=Trash<enter><enter>"
        macro index * "<copy-message>=starred<enter><enter>"
        macro index,pager gi "<change-vfolder>inbox<enter>" "go to the inbox"
        bind index,pager a group-reply


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      karelzak’s patched version of mutt adds notmuch integration making it stupidly fast, even with huge mailboxes. It’s based on the development version, so I think everything in upstream v1.6 is included.

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      Now to wait for the sidebar patch to be finished for 1.6…

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        Good news - the neomutt project has you covered.

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          Wow - did not know about that one. Thanks. Looks good!

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      Something I have a hard time getting past is the idea of maintaining a mail spool somewhere. I suppose these days email just isn’t that important any more, so I need to get over it and switch back :)

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