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    This is quite a good article.

    Probably the shittiest part of learning a new language (computer or otherwise) is that feeling of being a neophyte…something that is only worse when you’ve achieved some degree of skill in a related area, because you know enough to truly recognize yourself as a neophyte and to become irritated at your lack of progress.

    When I first started in Ruby, coming from C/C++, I was frustrated because I couldn’t make anything interesting. I knew such things were possible, mind you, because I’d done them in other languages. But getting busted back down into basic “Huh, shit, how’s a for loop look again?” territory was terribly annoying.

    It’s a pain we should all suffer again from time to time, for character, I suppose. :(

    Or, as the saying goes: “Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something.” :)