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    I’m unconvinced that the size of binaries is correlated at all with any metric people actually care about. Anecdotally, people used to write games in assembly, and then C++ - both languages that produce reasonably sized binaries, but nowadays it’s common to include interpreters (lua, etc), drivers for many different controllers, whatever crap the unity standard library includes, etc. This is great for dev productivity, but has no value to the consumer (or even negative value, since they need to download all of that).

    I know that this is mentioned in the post, but I think that it completely undermines the point of all of the analysis that uses binary size.

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      It’s mostly the size of the assets. Binaries are nothing compared to them.

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        C++ - both languages that produce reasonably sized binaries

        Wait, what?

        Including a single template in your C++ code can easily dwarf the size of the Lua interpreter.