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    I strongly disagree with any department that is selling a “Computer Science education” acting like a vocational school and offering employment classes. I’m probably just out of touch, but that isn’t what it is about.

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      I don’t think CS should turn into vocational education, but an elective seminar on “typical CS interviews” doesn’t bother me much, and still seems pretty far from turning the degree program into a coding-camp style thing. Elective seminars on a range of topics are already pretty common, e.g. I took one where we just prepared for and then competed in the ACM programming competition. You could even throw in some interdisciplinary critique if you wanted: teach students how to prepare for typical tech interview questions, but at the same time, use that as a springboard to critically discuss CS hiring processes.

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        I mean, it’s nice to believe that everyone paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for an education is doing so for the goal of self-betterment, with no thought of it ever being financially break-even. I think perhaps there are academics who do believe this. I’m not sure what else to say. :)

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          The nice thing about making decisions based on principle is that one does not have to concern themselves with what people are doing now. :)

          But, seriously, I don’t think that because the educational system in the US is already a vocational system means the best thing to do is go deeper.

          The biggest bullshit part is that the US is already a post-scarcity country, it just refuses to go with it. There is no need for highly educated people to go to school just to learn how to get a job except for that they have decided to do that.

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            Those are fair points. I’m certainly in favor of dismantling the social structures that lead to people spending a great deal of money on higher education when it isn’t in line with their actual desires.

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          Tell that to Stanford and MIT:

          “”“ Addendum on 2015-10-20: readers from the Internets have pointed out that several schools do indeed offer such elective courses (e.g., Stanford and MIT). ”“”