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    Late 1980s anime is an underappreciated aesthetic for DIY computers.

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      I love it, and really wish had could justify buying one or had the technical chops (hah) to make one myself

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        FWIW, I curate more ‘everyday’ ergonomic mobile computing devices at https://www.reddit.com/r/ErgoMobileComputers to help anyone trying to pick out setups they might depend on over the more enthusiast/complementary ‘cyberdeck’ setups (occasionally I slip and add an inspirational cyberdeck in though)

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          Looks like it’s ThinkPad Butterfly inspired? :D

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            I love these tiny computers. I was already sold but seeing how the keyboard slid out into a nice arrangement was juts beautiful.

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              the folding Corne keyboard is excellent, I wish you could get that for ordinary laptops.

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              I really hope that the next raspberry pi has some kind of power management that implements sleep states. Imagine having to shut down the laptop every time…

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                I love the look here and it would be so cool to be able to pull one out but I’m kind of struggling to imagine a situation where I’d need one. There’s so little screen real estate I can only imagine using it to ssh into stuff for admin purposes.

                What would be a cool peripheral that I just thought of is a mini projector so you can sit next to any white wall and use that as your monitor.