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    This is beautiful. I love it.

    What does {Shan, Shui}* mean? (I mean, I get the notation part; what do the words mean in this context?)

    EDIT: Never mind, the linked Wikipedia article explains. Shan is “mountain” and Shui is “water”, which makes sense.

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      could you explain the notation part? I’m curious and am not familiar with it

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        It’s set theory notation with a Kleene star. The curly bracket part gives the “alphabet” (in this case, two symbols, mountain and water). The star says “all possible strings of any length made up solely of symbols from the alphabet.”

        In other words, all possible combinations of mountains and water.

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          Ah okay, cool! Thank you

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        It is beautiful. Although it still has the ‘procedurally generated’ feel to it.