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    Some clarifications:

    • It’s not just the package name. The code contains many other crude “jokes”.
    • Some error messages that potentially bubble up to the end user contain insults.
    • The upstream developers don’t seem to have intention to change attitude.
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      Some error messages that potentially bubble up to the end user contain insults.

      Honestly, this is the only point they need to make such a decision.

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        OP should have linked to the actual Debian response instead of the phoronix spam. It’s much more informative.

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        Debian has had situations like this in the past. The hot babe incident was more blatant:


        Also reminds me of the Microsoft B1GB00B5 problem, especially since the weboob author has acknowledged the puerile reference.

        Edit: The Phoronix article is omitting a lot of the actual story. It’s worthwhile reading Debian anti-harassment’s team response:


        There were more problems with the package than the name. Commands had sexual overtones and there were homophobic slurs in the source code comments.

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          I’m surprised this is regarded “harassment”, or not “respectful”. I do however agree that it should have been pulled just for being incredibly juvenile. I’m also surprised and disappointed by the associated forum comments. I’m generally strongly critical of SJW-type behaviour, but I don’t think this is SJW overreach. It’s reasonable to hold collaborators of a professional project to a professional standard, and jokes about boobs aren’t that.

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            A reasonable decision if a distro is responsible for the software it makes available. I wonder if a program that, when running on a Linux computer in the nose of a nuclear missile, flies the nuke, could be accepted into Debian.

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              If you know me personally, you’d be surprised to know that this actually has me torn.

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                As it turns out, the project is way more problematic than just the name (which doesn’t sound all that horrible I guess). See comment.

                You can always count on Phoronix for “accurate” reporting :D