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An offshoot project that began when writing on a tutorial on FEN to HTML rendering.

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      I like the idea but the contrast between the unfilled* pieces and the board is too low - they all end up looking like there’s only one player from a distance.

      • filled with the white square colour.
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        Hmm that’s a fair point. I just took a look at the samples I’ve ordered: they look like you’d expect at a normal viewing distance, but become more abstract when viewed from across the room like you said. I’ll look into whether there’s a way to set the piece background color.

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      Very nice! Is the process of queuing a print and posting it to the customer automated, or is the “end point” a mail to you and you print & parcel it up when you have time?

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        The process is pretty much completely automated! Once you submit a design and payment, the backend automatically generates the finalized design and sends the order to the print service. The poster then gets sent directly to the provided shipping address when it’s completed. I make the system wait for me to confirm each order, but that’s just a matter of pressing a button.

        If the site gets more interest I might do a write-up on the implementation – it was pretty interesting to design.

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          I would be interested to read that write-up :-)

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          I would also be interested to read that writeup!