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    The minimization part is cool. But I find running and experimenting with systemd inside of podman even cooler. I had no idea that one could do that.

    I mean that makes sense now that I think about it, systemd is designed to run inside a systemd-nspawn which is almost the same as podman, technically.

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      It also makes sense considering docker never intended to have systemd running inside containers. This prompted RedHat to more or less write podman.


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        Wasn’t the article and the other side of the issue? I.e. docker running on a systemd host?

        Systemd always worked ok in any container runtime - docker is not really aware of the container contents on that level anyway

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      This was well written and blessedly to the point.

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        I used to work with Sebastian (the author) and he is as thorough in everything he does. Really solid work!