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    It seems like I’ve seen this before on here and I didn’t think it was worth celebrating with a new news item — Then I saw the PR has 3973 commits! That has to be a record of some kind. I guess this has been in the works for a while, so not surprising it has been news before. More power to you guys I guess, have fun.

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      There’s been a lot of preliminary work to upstream parts of the work, make the runtime reentrant, etc. But as far as I understand this is the actual big one, the PR that pushes OCaml into the 5.0 era 🙂

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        The podcast Signals and Threads covered multicore OCaml quite recently: https://signalsandthreads.com/what-is-an-operating-system/

        It’s great podcast!

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      More info on the September and November monthly reports. The team has made an incredible effort to keep the community updated, great job!