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Huginn (https://github.com/cantino/huginn) is an open-source human capability-amplifying and augmentation system which implements scenarios - networks of autonomous software agents that collectively analyze data and use it to accomplish sophisticated tasks on behalf of its users.

External to Huginn is the Halo (https://github.com/virtadpt/exocortex-halo), a collection of software constructs optimized for carrying out tasks too complex for Huginn due to resource requirements, contention, or reliance upon lower level libraries, including synthesizing speech, placing Voice over IP calls, and carrying out limited secretarial duties to facilitate human interaction.

The development histories of both Huginn and Halo will be discussed during the first part of the talk with representative examples of the presenter’s agent networks to demonstrate the architecture of scenarios as well as solutions to practical problems. Agents, the basic building blocks of Huginn scenarios and the software constructs of Halo will be briefly detailed to give an overview of some of possibilities of the two interrelated software systems.

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    This is really interesting talk about author’s exocortex - external suite of agents, which he uses to interact with the online world. There is not much people doing something like this consciously (see https://lobste.rs/s/tws9xg/why_i_live_irc for unintentional effort) and this is really one of the areas of software development which interests me a lot.

    Direct video download link: https://pdvod.new.livestream.com/events/00000000005904ab/6f3d3a82-8b58-485a-a8e0-867f0e109386_4000.mp4?start=14714&end=18071&__gda__=1470468431_78060a02b84ab085e9c64fb6a83ed143