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    For example, let’s say I wanna get the working tree from the first release of my project, so I can publish it.

    git worktree is what I use for this, which has a few advantages over using git archive:

    • You can run commands like git status within worktrees
    • git tracks worktree locations so you don’t have to remember where you put them
    • Worktrees have safeguards, for example git will warn you if you try and delete a worktree with local changes
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      Pretty cool feature, I didn’t know about its existence before you pointed it out.

      I guess my old habit of using and scripting around archive will ultimately take over worktree, but at least I’ll be able to recommend it right away to newcomers!

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      Git namespaces are cool, thanks for showing that! I wonder why they are so rarely used, seems like quite an useful feature to me.