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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Last week I said I was very burnt out, so this week I quit my job and I’m starting at another place in some weeks. Will be doing shakuhachi and japanese like last weekend, plus meeting with some work friends as a going away dinner tomorrow night.

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      Best of luck!

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      Visiting fair Dublin City, looking forward to a proper Guinness and some live music.

      Also want to get vpsadminos setup on a VM in the homelab so I can evaluate it. Seems to tick my boxes for hypervisor as a SmartOS replacement. ZFS, NixOS, netboot.

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        I always really liked the casual music in Irish pubs; just some people playing music sitting in a regular booth or whatnot. There’s a good vibe to it which beats a “real” concert, and certainly beats playing pop or EDM at a million-and-one dB.

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          Hope you enjoy Dublin, we’ve some great pubs around; just be sure to have a COVID vaccine pass. If you haven’t been before, I’d recommend avoiding areas like Temple Bar, as the pubs there are overpriced and mostly targeted to tourists (there’s a few exceptions, but it’s a good rule of thumb).

          Why’re you migrating from SmartOS? I was actually considering a move to it for a system in my homelab. Right now it’s running FreeBSD with manually managed jails / bhyve VMs, which is fine, but I’d like to move to an OS that actually aims to be used primarily as a virtualization host.

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            Thanks, yeah you do. This is my third time visiting, first time we didn’t leave Temple Bar, second time I explored a bit more and discovered more of the city. We’ve done a mixture this time, ended up sampling Irish whiskeys in Palace Bar last night which was most enjoyable. Peaty irish whiskey isn’t anywhere near as explosive to the palette as peaty scotch, but it’s still an enjoyable drink.

            I’m mostly looking to switch from SmartOS because I don’t work with it day to day anymore, rather than because it’s deficient somehow. It’s definitely easy to administer and does the job, I love the fact it’s simple to recover from boot media failure (flash a new stick), upgrade the base OS (update the stick) and it’s based on ZFS of course. I’m a little less enamoured by managing the VMs, my current method is a ruby library I borrowed from a friend to generate the XML to create VMs. I’ve never managed to find anything better, which given things like terraform exist makes me sad. Not upset enough to invest time in fixing the problem space though, which then makes me sadder.

            Nixpkgs/NixOS I like from playing with it and would like more exposure to it, which basing the HomeLab on it will give me for sure. The homelab is a bit unloved as well, things have been fairly static with it for 3-4 years now and heading into the winter I’m itching to spend some time working out kinks with it, making sure it’s available on Tailscale properly, sorting out monitoring/service management. VPSAdminOS appears to tick the boxes of being like SmartOS, but based on Nix/Linux so my now-usual day to day tooling works there easily.

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              We’ve done a mixture this time, ended up sampling Irish whiskeys in Palace Bar last night which was most enjoyable. Peaty irish whiskey isn’t anywhere near as explosive to the palette as peaty scotch, but it’s still an enjoyable drink.

              If you’re into whiskeys, then the Dingle whiskey bar is worth a visit if you have the time. They have an extensive selection of world whiskeys there, and the staff are usually happy to recommend. Kennedy’s is my go-to for lunch and a pint on the rare occasion I’m in town these days. Reasonable selection of pub food (their lamb burger is my recommendation; I haven’t had any of their vegetarian options since pre-covid, so I can’t offer any guidance there), and a well rounded choice of beers.

              I’m mostly looking to switch from SmartOS because I don’t work with it day to day anymore, rather than because it’s deficient somehow. It’s definitely easy to administer and does the job, I love the fact it’s simple to recover from boot media failure (flash a new stick), upgrade the base OS (update the stick) and it’s based on ZFS of course.

              The simplicity of upgrades, and decoupling of the base OS from the VM storage is what attracted me to it. I was also considering Alpine which can function similarly (although with a bit more manual work), but I’ve never been a huge fan of the usual tools for working with KVM (virt-manager / virsh). If the tooling is equally awkward on the SmartOS side, then that levels the playing field a little bit. Maybe I’ll just put a weekend or four into writing my own tooling for KVM and pad out the CV, haha.

              I’ll be sure to check out VPSAdminOS; I haven’t really used Nix much but it’s been on my radar for a while.

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            I learned an important lesson from one of the organisers at the conference I attended: Guinness does not travel well. It needs to be moved carefully and then left to settle and after that the pumps and the pouring make a noticeable difference. There’s a huge difference in quality of the Guinness from one pub to the next. I was told to go to a place by the river that doesn’t seem to exist anymore for the best Guinness in the city and so I decided to try it (not really believing that there was much of a difference) and it really was true. The most surprising thing to me was that the bar on the top of the Guinness museum (which, by the way, is fantastic) served mediocre Guinness. I then made the mistake of drinking Guinness again when I got back home. It really doesn’t survive crossing the Irish Sea and being poured like ale.

            Where is the best place for Guinness in Dublin now?

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              As someone visiting from the UK, anywhere in Dublin is the best place for a Guinness. Auld Dubliner and Palace Bar both served an excellent Guinness to us last night, there’s probably cheaper places out there if you wander a bit further out of the tourist area.

              Guinness definitely doesn’t make it to the UK in anywhere near as enjoyable a state. Whilst I do enjoy a Guinness from time to time at home, I basically visit Dublin (and Belfast to be fair) for a proper Guinness.

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                Guinness definitely doesn’t make it to the UK in anywhere near as enjoyable a state

                Getting technical for a second, it makes it there fine. The trouble is that it’s not nearly as popular there as it is here. That means that the kegs aren’t as fresh, and the lines aren’t cleaned nearly as often, that combined with the fact that it oxidizes quickly, is what leads to the poorer quality.

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            I’ll probably be spending part of the weekend doing last-minute stuff to get my new company’s SaaS ready to release.

            I’m also in a band, where I sing and play keyboard, and we have a show on Sunday night. Unfortunately, the date of the show was set before the release date of the new product.

            Edit: The band show was canceled. Actually performing probably would have been fun, but given my work obligation and the fact that our band leader always puts off creating the set list, canceling the show was probably a good thing overall for my stress level.

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              Finally going out to do some rock climbing after almost two years of not doing so because of covid.Will be completely disconnected and hopefully won’t think of work or technology during the whole weekend :)

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                Pondering life decisions and playing Forza Horizon 5

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                  Is that in game pass? Apparently there’s a two month trial of that on discord and I’m tempted to try it.

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                    It is in game pass, but I bought it on steam because I enjoyed Horizon 4 (especially playing it with my husband) and I want to play it on the steam deck when I eventually get the thing.

                    It’s a super arcadey racing game. I normally hate racing games more complicated than Mario Kart but I get a lot of enjoyment out of Horizon, especially with friends online.

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                    Sounds excellent.

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                    I order some PC parts to build a simple virtualization “homelab.” I’m going to put it together this evening and play around with virtual machines over the weekend. I’m thinking I’ll install Debian on it as a KVM hypervisor. I think I will also play Resident Evil 0 or do another playthrough of Resident Evil as the character I haven’t played yet.

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                      Need to spend most of the weekend relaxing and not thinking about work. Will try to get some excercise, maybe, and some sun if there is any. Should move nearer to the equator, but that’s not easily done.

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                        Finishing my 8 bit computer! I’ve been following through Ben Eater’s 8 bit build, and I just have to implement jump conditionals.

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                          Super rad :) love that channel.

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                          Am off to a concert tonight and going out with old school ffriends tomorrow for our yearly gentlemans dinner :)

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                            well - concert was just cancelled, so it’ll be a night in instead.

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                            I don’t think I’ll have it feature complete, but I’d like to at least publicly open the repo for my regex engine so people can look at it and tell me what else needs to be done.

                            I’m also replacing a fill valve on a toilet; I have no skills in this area. If y’all don’t hear from me by Monday assume I died in a horrible plumbing-related accident.

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                              Oh, good question. I’ve been waffling between gamedev and language dev the last couple weeks. Maybe I should just dive into language dev and see where it takes me.

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                                • Enjoying my birthday
                                • Drinking
                                • Working on a programming portfolio in case I decide to go for computer science
                                • Working on crust shell
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                                  Happy Birthday!!🎂

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                                  So my cat has diabetes I just learned. So I’m learning how to deal with that. Apparently, cats tolerate insulin well and we just have adjusted things and hopefully get her off of it at some point.

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                                    Curating the articles for my newsletter so that I can have a designer make custom graphics for the issues.

                                    Continue building the Svelte front end + Clojure API dashboard app I want to make issues of the newsletter. Will probably stream this process because I did my first stream on YouTube yesterday, and even though no one watched it, it was fun. Anyone with experience in streaming thinks it matters if I use Twitch or YouTube? Is Twitch substantially better? I was just too lazy to make an account for Twitch, but might reconsider if someone thinks it’s substantially better in terms of attracting people to chat with.

                                    Write an article on using Cloudflare workers + OAuth on a static site to register users.

                                    Hit the gym. Eat some food. Get some sleep. Day dream about the snowboard season finally starting.

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                                      Pushing out my first ever watchOS app.

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                                        I’m hacking on the transport protocol I’ve mentioned previously. My latest change is using Apps Hungarian to indicate fields that should be in host or network byte order. I have found several bugs by doing so, the code was originally written for a big-endian target so missing byte swaps would have worked correctly.

                                        We will be seeing Dune.

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                                          Continue working on Python GUI for regex practice. Hope to finish it by next weekend.

                                          Started a weekly newsletter today, will spend some time to prepare for the next week’s issue.

                                          On a reading-slump (didn’t much like the last one I read and gonna drop the current one). Might skip starting another novel this weekend and instead watch some movie, go for a walk (weather permitting), etc.

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                                            Learning about Lean. I found some papers about using it to verify actual math in numerical applications, and I’m intrigued enough that I want to do Advent of Code in Lean next month.

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                                              Benchmarking esbuild, parcel, babel, swc, typescript using a React benchmark generator I’m working on. Basically want to be able to generate some massive projects with a number of (somewhat?) connected components and pass the files through each of the various transformers to see how they perform.


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                                                Got some motivation to work on a sort of ML-but-C compiler I’ve been thinking about for a while, maybe I’ll do some work on that. But then again I need to go shopping for some clothes and do some housework so maybe I won’t.

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                                                  Patronizing a local board game club, cleaning house, and working on a retrospective for the Lisp Game Jam. That retrospective got held up due to holidays and a company retreat happening one after the other.

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                                                    During this week I’ve managed to finally (I hope!) crack the audio pipeline design for my music player, and it makes me feel a lot of energy for the project again. So some more hacking on that, plus spending time with my gf and baby daughter :)

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                                                      Still chasing that granular single-source documentation yak :)

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                                                        We will probably do a test deployment of our tool “mobilizon-reshare” we developed in the past few months. It’s a small suite to automate your social media strategy in regards to events, using Mobilizon as a primary source for event data.

                                                        So basically you point it to a mobilizon account, it pulls the events, it decides what to publish and it publishes on a bunch of platforms according to your configurations.

                                                        It currently supports: zulip, mastodon, telegram, twitter and I’m almost done with Facebook.


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                                                          In-person robotics is back, so I’ll be volunteering for a day.

                                                          Outside of that:

                                                          • using a completed design revision to evaluate Solid Edge and FreeCAD (F360 and its cloud requirement and sod-off)
                                                          • starting to take a deeper look at archiving YT channels and their playlists,
                                                          • completing and benchmarking the use of OpenWRT on an RPi 4.
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                                                            Preparing for a course for people who want to sit for the CKA exam. Like knowledge transfer.

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                                                              Being sick mostly but hopefully also catching up on pr merging for rubyforgood/casa and rubyforgood/flaredown