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I like to donate at the end of the year. For my family and I, it’s part of the Christmas spirit. I can’t imagine that I’m the only lobster here that makes charitable donations though. So, regardless of why you do it, I’m curious what charities people here chose to donate to?

Since I’m asking here, here are mine, but I’m looking to expand my horizons so this is subject to change this holiday season.

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    Not tech related, but I donate $30/month to GiveDirectly. They give cash directly to the poorest people in the world.

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      I donate to Mermaids via Amazon Smile (when I remember) and Humble Store.

      Previously I’ve donated (via stickers) to Ellen Murray, and the EFF. I’ve supported independent queer anarchists on Etsy by buying pins and stuff.

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        I donate to a few for software. Try to spread it around a bit year by year since I can’t fund it all. One is often overlooked: VLC. Covers what entertainment Firefox doesn’t after hard days.

        Outside software, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Hopefully, less dead children and more reaching their potential.

        Other stuff if I have the money.

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          Check out last year’s thread for more ideas.

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            I make small (typically US$5–10) monthly donations to the following. I try to support projects that I either want to succeed or that I use regularly.

            • Arch Linux - My operating system of choice
            • FreeBSD - I like OS diversity
            • OpenBSD - Even if you don’t use the OS you probably use OpenSSH
            • Neovim - My text editor of choice
            • Gargron (Mastodon)
            • Jeremy Soller (Redox OS) - I dream of using a Rust OS one day
            • Jorge Aparicio - Embedded Rust developer
            • Dirkjan Ochtman - Rust developer
            • QuietMisdreavus - Rustdoc developer
            • tomaka - Rust developer
            • Raph Levien - Doing lots of interesting things in the Rust ecosystem
            • Kent Overstreet (bcachefs)
            • Geoffroy Couprie - Rust developer (nom)
            • Nora Dot Codes - Rust developer
            • Bryan Phelps (Onivim)
            • Blondihacks - Great engineering and electronics blog posts and videos
            • GNOME - I don’t use the GNOME desktop at the moment but they still do a lot of fundamental work for open source desktops (such as GTK)
            • Mozilla - Firefox is my browser of choice
            • rust-analyzer - New language server for Rust
            • Crystal - Now powering Read Rust
            • Rich Felker (musl)
            • Sean Griffin (Diesel)
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              Crystal - Now powering Read Rust

              Shouldn’t a Rust aggregator be powered by Rust? 😏

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              I do monthly donations to

              • Local humane society
              • Planned Parenthood
              • EFFA

              And a few times a year I make a few larger donations to other charities or free software projects.

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                EFF, Archive.org, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

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                  I need to update it, but this was my 2018 list:

                  • Give Directly
                  • Evidence Action Deworm the World
                  • Against Malaria
                  • Earthjustice
                  • Sierra Club Foundation
                  • Natural Resources Defense Council
                  • Transgender Law Center 
                  • National Center for Transgender Equality
                  • App Camp for Girls
                  • Anita Borg Institute
                  • ProPublica
                  • Planned Parenthood
                  • Southern Poverty Law Center
                  • 826 Valencia
                  • Mission Graduates
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                    My favorite tech and journalism charitable orgs right now:

                    1. Code & Supply Scholarship Fund - awards scholarships to attend and speak at software conferences to unemployed and underemployed folks as well as members of underrepresented groups in the software community; awarded more than $15,000 in conference travel assistance scholarships in 2019
                    2. Meta Mesh Wireless Communities - non-profit wireless network company building PittMesh, a city-wide mesh network, and providing free and low-cost Internet service to low-income areas of Pittsburgh.
                    3. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) - protecting digital rights and more
                    4. ReactOS Foundation - an open-source Windows clone financed by a non-profit
                    5. Haiku - open-source BeOS clone financed by a non-profit
                    6. FreeBSD Foundation - open-source UNIX for desktops and servers - I don’t even use it myself but it’s important to the ecosystem
                    7. Freedom of the Press Foundation - fights for journalists detained at the border, reporters arrested covering protests, and whistleblowers prosecuted for telling the truth.
                    8. PublicSource - NPO news organization based in Pittsburgh, does long-form journalism exceptionally well

                    I’m eagerly awaiting the founding of a charitable org supporting Redox OS.

                    . ^(Disclosure: I’m on the board of the first two and I’ve donated a lot to most of these organizations over the years.)

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                      I usually give to Wikipedia and the Internet Archive around this time of year, if only because their web services have become more of a mainstay in my life than pretty much anything else.