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    I remember I was quite excited about Julia when it was first released, but since I haven’t done any numerical analysis in a while I almost forgot it exists. Perhaps it’s time to really give it a try.

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      Intel KNLs just work in Julia.

      I wonder what “just work” actually means here. It runs. Sure, it’s still x86. How is the performance really? What is the programming model? Anybody here has more insight?

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        Is Julia basically being used as a MAPLE/R replacement? Or are people using it for more general purpose development as well?

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          Maple is a computer algebra system with an embedded scripting language, and Julia is definitely not a replacement for it. It can replace R, assuming you can find replacement for the R libs, and can probably replace MATLAB/Octave under the same assumptions. It is suitable for general purpose development, too.

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          Time to take another look at Julia, I remember thinking it seemed really nice, if half-baked, last time I looked into it.