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“The prototype we’re feeling good about right now is built with Electron and React, not Gecko and XUL”

Scary when I first heard this, but as long as it (a) doesn’t cannibalize Firefox, and (b) provides an evolutionary path to Servo, then I am tentatively hopeful personally.


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    Is this an official Mozilla project? Why is it on medium? As if I needed another reason to dislike medium, now I can’t tell “official” statements from rambling randos.

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      The project is official, I’m not sure why he’s using medium (Mark Mayo is director of Firefox). Announcements like this tend to get overblown, and this one could potentially cause controversy due to Electron. I’m guessing it was done this way to avoid nonsense headlines like “Mozilla plans to drop Gecko”.

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        You can click on the author’s name at the top to see their profile.

        Firefox @Mozilla, helped make node.js and containers happen as former CTO @Joyent, representing only myself here.

        Given that the article also contains a link “work” that points to mozilla.com, it sounds like the described project is indeed an official Mozilla project. But this is not an official announcement from Mozilla about it, it’s just an employee’s personal blog post about it.

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          Fair enough. I admit to writing about OpenBSD on an unofficial blog, but it’s my own domain. Readers shouldn’t trust anything I write, but at least they can trust that I wrote it. Less worry that some joker will start posting as tɘdu.