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      Bartosz Ciechanowski makes phenomenal demonstrations. Well done!

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        I get excited whenever I see there is a new one!

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        The GPS one was just fantastic, takes you from the level a five year old can understand all the way through to the amazing signal processing that enables GPS to work 20Db below the noise flow of receivers (IIRC).

        Also worth reading ad a meta-post for these is Bret Victor’s Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction, which I’ve always considered the mother of these style of articles, but I’m probably wrong about that.

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      I love when a blog has a meaningful use of JavaScript. Enabling it not just enhances but is the primary means of communication.

      Many fully static blogs won’t render because developers thought they needed React or a script just to load images. Over half of those don’t even bother with a <noscript>.

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      This article deserves a better title. It currently looks like click-bait. I’m not done reading yet, but so far it’s great and has as much content as a Physics 101 class - except it’s easy to understand and visually pleasing. It should be titled something like, “Learn just enough physics to understand how bicycles work”

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        Nothing out of the ordinary: https://ciechanow.ski/archives/ - they’re all named like that and are all excellent

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          It’s honestly a brand. In fact, as soon as I saw the title, I got excited knowing where the link would be taking me.

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        This is the standard title format for Bartosz Ciechanowski’s articles: https://lobste.rs/domains/ciechanow.ski