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    wouldn’t it be more useful to say what other libraries have problems rather than telling us what we now know all too well?

    at this point it feels a bit like every wannabe thinks they can show how expert they are by kicking a man who’s already down. hindsight is 20/20.

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      There’s a limit to how many TLS libraries I’m willing to look at in one week. There are a lot of projects who take the same buggy reimplementation of libc approach to compat, but these are the examples I have on hand.

      I’ll agree that the rampage tumblr has turned a semiprivate party into an internet spectacle, but so it goes. This was my attempt to throw a little more light than heat.

      I doubt, for example, that many programmers are aware of issetugid or its purpose. Maybe now a few more are.

      I’d like to believe this post had more purpose than just some lulz.

      Oh, further. People keep asking if it was really necessary to fork. Why not just work with upstream to fix bugs? I seek to demonstrate that was not a viable option.

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        This certainly isn’t a case of hindsight. And certainly if Ted was telling us things that “everyone” knew “all too well” we would not have the piece of software in the state it’s in today.

        The more social situations I’m in with other users and developers in the open source community, the more clear it becomes just how many (most) misconceptions are believed as fact. The most vocal opinion wins, correct or not. We’ve got a nice (vocal) article stating facts. The article is good and legitimate and yet you want to discredit it? Sure, let the misconceptions win again.