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    At least a few of these are good books (Algorithm Design Manual is my favorite algorithms book), but the wishy-washy headline/title is really annoying.

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      Ha, well, the author used their introduction to kind of pre-emptively defend the title while introducing the post:

      There are a lot of “12 CS books every programmer must read” lists floating around out there. That’s nonsense. The field is too broad for almost any topic to be required reading for all programmers, and even if a topic is that important, people’s learning preferences differ too much for any book on that topic to be the best book on the topic for all people.

      This is a list of topics and books where I’ve read the book, am familiar enough with the topic to say what you might get out of learning more about the topic, and have read other books and can say why you’d want to read one book over another.

      I have to say, especially preceding so many good-sounding recommendations, the title helped ease my oh-no-so-much-to-learn-so-little-time anxiety that comes up with every link like this. I might consider these. Everything will be ok :)