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The (smallish) company I’m at just had some organization changes. The developers are grouped into product teams and we now have a lead/manager (call them Lead A) in charge of several of those teams. I have been working with 2 of those teams but am now officially independent and answer to Lead A directly (whose other direct reports are leads of groups). I’ve previously been a lead of one of those groups.

I’ve been working on catching up on some technical debt and build/process improvements (automating builds with Jenkins, etc) and will be doing more & standardizing those efforts across teams.

Eventually my role will start including “special projects”, prototypes of services, potentially forming and leading temporary teams and helping transition changes I make back to the teams. Thus far I’ve been undirected to pick the problems to be worked, determine what the solution is, or determine the amount of time to spend.

So… what should I be called? Architect has been suggested, but my limited experience makes me suspicious of that title.

Any other suggestions or questions I should ask would be welcome too!


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    Principal Engineer sounds most like what I’ve heard elsewhere.

    What’s your current title? It may still be apt.

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      Development Director (from when I was in charge of a team).

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      If possible go as high as possible. Director of Special Projects. Principal Engineer. Lead Architect.

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        I only have some fun titles for you: http://beza1e1.tuxen.de/articles/titles.html

        Architect would fit if you are responsible for the overall architecture, but product teams sounds like the teams are independent?

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          They are independent-ish. Some of the products have overlapping (or nearly so) functionality and came via acquisitions. Some of the products already interoperate so there’s some architecture across products (which I will probably be involved with designing/organiziing).