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Press release talking about the reasoning behind open sourcing it at: http://www.lgnewsroom.com/2018/03/webos-enters-next-phase-as


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    Wasn’t webOS open-sourced by HP when they acquired it from Palm and subsequently gave up on the whole thing?

    So what does this even mean? Were further developments by LG closed-source?

    It seems like they have a board-support package (BSP) for Raspberry Pi 3, which is very nice.

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      When HP released the source, it was not the full system but parts of it. More like a kit where you needed to build the missing parts. This new release has a lot of new stuff in it and you can actually run it.

      There is a new framework for it which is not EnyoJS anymore but looks quite great, it is React based, called EnactJS:


      Some highlights of the new system:

      • QT and QML for native stuff
      • services using NodeJS
      • Chromium-based runtime for apps
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      The overview on the WebOS website makes more sense than the article and the code seems to be hosted on GitHub.

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        Sorry if I was not clearer, I’ve linked to that same site in the title of the story and added the press release as an extra blurb for those that wanted to learn more about the rationale behind it. Maybe I should’ve linked them both in that extra text.

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          Technical context is always a plus - so links to useful code in the summary is always good :~)