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    It’s not tech we don’t have, it’s just a willingness to build systems that are not economically optimal. Could we build 100mi^2 of solar panels? Yes! Is that ever going to be cheaper than if we just picked the most financially efficient path? Super unlikely.

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      It’s all way too slow, but it’s not all bad news: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/06/opinion/utility-embracing-wind-solar.html

      The bids have come in so low that the company will be able to build and operate the new plants for less money than it would have to pay just to keep running its old, coal-burning power plants.

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        Financial efficiency isn’t exactly an issue when it comes to US government federal spending. The money is the easiest thing to create. The political will is another matter…

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        The end is near… We should totally escape to Mars then.

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          I hear the weather on Mars isn’t great, either 😛