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      If anyone is in interested in the technical details, I wrote a blog post about how I made this: https://github.com/mmulet/code-relay/blob/main/markdown/HowIDidIt.md

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        Absolutely amazing. My jaw was hanging open – well done!

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      Reminds me of Chartwell font.

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      anyone speed-running this yet? let’s get those WPMs up folks!!

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      This is… actually pretty entertaining, I have to admit.

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      With how complex font formats have become, I saw a similar theory being proposed to make a game out of a font some years ago. But actually seeing someone pull it of is mind blowing with just the right amount of insanity to pour the time into getting everything to work. Hats off, truly impressive.

      PS: If you want to play in Microsoft Word, install the font, set Fontsize to 200 and under line-spacing -> Line spacing options the before and after spacing to 180.