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Apart from lobste.rs, what other sites do you read to keep up to date?


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    I use twitter pretty often for relevant news that I’m interested in. The people and companies I follow there usually post interesting things.

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      Check out this thread from awhile back. Some good responses here. https://lobste.rs/s/zzmtlh/which_sites_do_you_visit_everyday_keep_up

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        Well, there’s Hacker News of course, for .Net I follow Chris Alcock’s The Morning Brew and Alvin Ashcroft’s The Morning Dew. Slashdot used to be quite good, but it’s gotten worse, and while I still read it, there’s maybe one or two interesting items a week. Slightly more general IT newsy there’s The Register.

        Other than that I try to regularly listen to podcasts, for a slightly more in-depth view on topics that I’d not necessarily dive into on my own, and general local news, which in my case is mostly nu.nl, geenstijl and daskapital.

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          speaking of local news, other than the ones you mentioned there’s De Speld!

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          Newsletters: JS Weekly, Devops Weekly, DB Weekly, Hacker Newsletter, Web Tools Weekly, Ruby Weekly, FrontEnd Focus, React Status, Software Lead Weekly

          RSS: Various developer blogs/sites who/that I respect (about 40), Atom Packages, Sublime Text Packages

          Subreddits: /r/programming, /r/webdev, /r/javascript, /r/frontend, /r/opensource, /r/freesoftware (typically these have much more noise than value)

          Websites: Hacker News

          GitHub: Follow a handful of developers I respect (about 20, don’t want to overflow my feed)

          Twitter: Follow many more developers I respect whom post tech info (about 160), this includes @ossjs and @osssh (finds popular projects on GitHub based on signal spikes)

          I typically don’t read most articles or subreddits in newsletters. It’s more to help me get a feel on the pulse of the community. If I see something enough times, then I’ll take time to dive deeper

          For RSS, I use NewsBlur so articles don’t disappear if I go afk for a weekend

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            I used to read Slashdot, but it’s gone into this weird political hole where things that aren’t even remotely tech-related get posted if it’s click-baity enough.

            (I finally gave up after a row of three articles on the home page were yet-another “too many white males in CS” (which, even if true, has become click-baity at Slashdot), followed by “Hilary Clinton’s health is a concern” (how is that even remotely tech-related?), followed by a blatant advertisement for Apple presented as a news story).

            So now it’s lobste.rs and Reddit with a carefully cultivated list of subs.