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It often irritates me how the settings of XFCE, a light-weight desktop environment, are distributed across Appearance, Window Manager, Window Manager Tweaks and Workspaces in xfce4-settings-manager, the configuration application that ships with XFCE.

I think XFCE can be improved by grouping settings according to the general topic that is being configured, instead of organizing settings based on which application in XFCE’s stack makes use of the setting.

This proposal moves parts of Window Manager and Window Manager Tweaks to Appearance, Workspaces, Keyboard and Accessibility and merges the remains of Window Manager and Window Manager Tweaks.


Window Manager settings (current) Window Manager Tweaks settings (current) Appearance settings (current)


Window Management settings (proposed) Appearance settings (proposed)


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    As a fellow Xfce user, I think this is a nice idea. Have you tried bringing it to the attention of the Xfce community and/or filing a bug report on the issue tracker?

    Edit: There’s a proposal on the Xfce Design SIG page for merging some of the settings panels a few years back. You may want to reference that as well.

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      Yes, I have seen the proposal, there is at least some overlap! I think I will do a proper write-up and a real proposal, I’m currently looking for some early feedback from users to add some polish, that’s why I’m publishing these things.

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        Looks all good to me.

        My recommendation would be to talk to the devs ASAP. You already have enough ideas, you need to identify potential roadblocks now.