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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    Avoiding people.

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      The same thing we do every night, Pinky.

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      Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing

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        I’d play a mashup of those games.

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          Doom Eternal runs perfectly. Rock-solid 60 FPS, it is a beautiful dance of combat and flight. It feels like Quake in the best way.

          Animal Crossing is a slow-burn game. It is not the fastest game in the world. It will probably take me a year or more to get through all of the content. However, this is exactly what I wanted.

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            I’m still stuck trying to get to lvl 20 of Slay the Spire. It’s getting hard.

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              What are you running it on? I don’t have ‘game level’ PC or Mac hardware and I don’t really fancy investing in more games for my XB1 as I never use it anymore. Also I doubt Doom will be as much fun without a mouse.

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            A natural pairing if ever I heard one. :D

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              Doom Eternal here as well. Played for about an hour last night (it unlocked rather late for my local time), and I’m really enjoying it so far.

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              This week I started a project to implement a DVCS for relational data and it’s going pretty good, I’m eagerly awaiting working on it on the weekend :) I’m still a little surprised that this seems to not have been done yet, if anybody knows of prior work in this area, hints would be much appreciated.

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                Sounds fascinating! What is the use case you have in mind?

                Reminiscent of Clojure’s Datomic in that it would keep all history of mutations.

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                  Reliable, efficient and private synchronization of application data between devices and people, it can be anything really. I saw Datomic before but it seems to be proprietary, right? That would be a no-go for me.

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                    Yep, proprietary, Datomic seems to be another path to revenue for R. Hickey and other clojure folk.

                    Love this idea. Two weeks ago on vacation I fantasized about this concept for personal ‘human-scale’ data - an encrypted (at rest?) syncthing + git storage backend for email, contacts, etc.. My personal org file setup almost achieves this: an encrypted filesystem in a file (cryptomator) synchronized via syncthing. Please post notable progress!

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                      Yeah I personally like working with Git and use it for all my projects and I thought “why doesn’t my calendar/contacts/nutrition tracking work like this?”. But the problem with Git is that it’s text-based and thus not a good database backend for graphical applications. And with Git it’s not easy to provide a good UI/UX for syncing that regular users can use, especially if there are merge conflicts.

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                        What are you imagining for UI/UX? Planning to support mobile? Syncthing drops a “.conflict” file with alternate versions and lets you sort it out.

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                          Conflict resolution is the thing I want to make better than in Git or Syncthing. Because I version relational data, there is much more structure to work with when conflicts arise and some conflicts like whitespace/formatting-related problems don’t arise at all. The user will have to choose between two (or more) conflicting data sets, but it will be much easier than fixing a Git merge conflict or dealing with Syncthing’s .conflict-files. Everything will be graphical, so yeah mobile will be supported, too.

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                  https://github.com/39aldo39/DecSync uses the file-system in a conflict way, and therefore can be used with syncthing to sync k/v data between devices. There’s RSS/Contact support right now.

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                  Self-quarantined as both my daughter and I have chest infections, sore throats, coughs, colds and my daughter has asthma and a history of contracting pneumonia. Testing isn’t available where we are and we’re heading into week 2 of being quarantined, we’re a little over halfway, but we need to get through it so we can go out and help other famliy members who have now had to go into quarantine as well as my wifes parents who are self-isolating. Trying to source food as our weekly shop showed up and the vast majority of it was missing because of panic buyers. We didn’t even order anything crazy, just our normal same shop that we always order. Hoping the weather keeps improving as we’ve run out of heating oil and don’t have funds right now to order more, I’ve been heating the house with our wood stove. Daughters is passed out on the couch next to me (it’s almost midnight) as her cough has finally settled down and her asthma inhaler seems to have finally made a difference.

                  Other than all of THAT, i’m going to try and get some work done on the disease surveillance and outbreak response system I’ve been working on for the past 6 years, as that seems pretty relevant these days. In talks with health / response teams in a couple countries to start getting some pieces moving and probably doing a bit of catch-up work for my employer as this last week has been a bit rough with all the news, one of our co-workers died suddenly (not related to covid-19) so it’s been a bit of a week…

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                    Bought a new laptop, gonna be setting it up over the weekend. I haven’t had a personal laptop in a long time, usually I just work in a VM on my desktop, but with nice weather coming around the bend, I’m hoping to get into the habit of working outside a bit more, so having something set up that I can take places will be nice.

                    Other than that, bingewatching Brooklyn 99 w/ the missus and social distancing.

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                      Bought a new laptop

                      What kind did ya get?

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                        A dud, screen was DoA (half of it wouldn’t turn on) and I’m pretty sure the touchpad was toast too. It was an Acer Aspire 7. Not sure I’m going to go for another one. It’s weird, the laptop that drives my telescope is an Acer as well and it’s survived a mountain of abuse, not sure what happened w/ this one.

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                          Oof. That stinks!

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                            Mostly just glad it was an obvious problem so I can return it and get a different one. Missus is happy because I might do something useful this weekend instead of futzing with a new toy. :D

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                              Haha. I understand both all too well. I got a Darter Pro from System76 a couple months ago and spent countless hours debugging a suspend/resume issue. Absolutely awful. Turned out to be a buggy Thunderbolt driver in the kernel.

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                      Read up on Crystal and how to interop with C so I can do fancy stuff with Signify and msgpack, also take care of a newborn, a wife, older kids, dogs, and like General life upkeep. You know what I’m in dire need of some exercise too

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                        Doom Eternal & Doom64, Some Rust Programming, got a new project in the works. I also should be moving a couple of my personal VMs away from OVH. That is a story in itself. Screw OVH.

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                          Animal Crossing, replaying DOOM 2016 on Ultra-Violence this time (I only have a Switch and a ThinkPad, so Eternal isn’t an option), and writing stw, a utility similar to GNU’s stow written in Rust that serves as kind of a make for symbolic links.

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                            I’m writing a simple graphical editor in Elm. It’s working rather nicely so far!

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                              Share a link of your work in progress!

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                                Thanks for this prompt; it gave me some sense of accountability and I think it made me work harder to make progress with is.

                                Here’s what I have so far: https://newbusinessmonitor.co.uk/design-new-mailpiece

                                Still to do:

                                • Drag-to-resize text boxes
                                • Implement foreground images
                                • Allow user to save mail-piece
                                • Upload foreground/background images to server

                                The idea is that you as a business owner would design your own mail-piece with this editor, and then you can send mail-merged sales letters to any UK business, whether one-by-one or in bulk.

                                Building this has been super fun, and although I’ve been using Elm for a few years, it still taught me about some new excellent features which make all of this even easier to build.

                                I’m also glad I had this opportunity to reflect on how I should handle authentication. It’d be a shame to hide this editor behind an authentication layer. I’ve now realised it’s better to just give it to everyone, and when the user tries to save their design, that’s when you create their account.

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                                  Sorry for never replying to this. I just wanted to say this demo was incredible, very usable and easy to understand. I’d enjoy staying up to date with your progress.

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                              Mostly staying away from a computer because I feel like I’ve been way too engrossed in screens for the last five days between actual work and the crapton of Slack/Webex/Zoom required for those things.

                              Maybe doing a drive by of the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC (we live 15 minutes away, so it’s not real travel) because we go every year but also are being smart about social distancing.

                              Having a four year old that’s been cooped up and my poor wife stuck entertaining her while I work and there’s no school means I’m not on the Netflix/gaming backlog rundown that the rest of the world seems to be on.

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                                Saturday: sneak out to get coffees and beans from a local roaster. Maybe double up on beans in case we enter full-on lockdown soon. Rest. Dream about some potential new projects. Buy a new propane, tank clean out the grill, do some meal prep for the coming week. Clean the house.

                                Sunday: Rest. Attend virtual church services (weird times). Finish Aurelius’ Meditations.

                                Buddy is interested in learning how to play Wrecking Ball in Overwatch. Excited about that since he’s my favorite character and he has very interesting gameplay. Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to not worrying about getting hours in for work while also being responsible for a three-year-old.

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                                  Finish Aurelius’ Meditations.

                                  Good choice for these weird pandemic times.

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                                    Finish Aurelius’ Meditations.

                                    I listened to this on Audible while riding a moped through the mountains in Thailand.

                                    It drove me crazy. It’s so repetitive and apathetic. Apparently it’s a fine line between emperor and moody teen. Here’s a choice quote:

                                    How good it is when you have roast meat or suchlike foods before you, to impress on your mind that this is the dead body of a fish, this is the dead body of a bird or pig; and again, that the Falernian wine is the mere juice of grapes, and your purple edged robe simply the hair of a sheep soaked in shell-fish blood! And in sexual intercourse that it is no more than the friction of a membrane and a spurt of mucus ejected. How good these perceptions are at getting to the heart of the real thing and penetrating through it, so you can see it for what it is!

                                    What a romantic that guy was.

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                                      IMO, few people read this book for fun despite being a book that’s somewhat en vogue currently. I had multiple reasons. It certainly helped there.

                                      Now, I find his writing style repetitive, dry, and, and overly cynical. It’s about 50% too long. I read it one book a day on my subway ride home. It is too dense/slow to read big chunks at a time. It’d probably be really grating to listen to as an audio book, so I feel you there.

                                      However, the repetition on focusing what is/isn’t worth worrying about was good for me. Reminding me to be most concerned about those around me rather than on stupid crap like fame or relevance.

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                                    Drinking too much coffee, camping (the classic social distancing activity), reading more about clojure and possibly starting on a site to track pandemic/financial trends (in clojure).

                                    1. 1

                                      Drinking too much coffee

                                      And guilt-free at that.

                                      1. 2

                                        Thank you for this validation! s/too much coffee/copious amounts of coffee/

                                    2. 2

                                      No definite plans.

                                      I have a huge backlog of photos I need to sort through and upload to SmugMug, so I’d like to get to work on that.

                                      I’ve also been playing with FreeBSD on my desktop. It’s great so far except I haven’t figured out how the sound system works, and once I do, Spotify doesn’t support it… I need to look for a workaround to that, hopefully one that doesn’t require a VM. Other than that it’s been great - SBCL, StumpWM, Emacs, NVIDIA drivers, etc. are all working great for me.

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                                        Geohashing! Went for the first time yesterday and I plan to go more this week.

                                        1. 2

                                          Trying to avoid people mostly, which hasn’t been terribly hard for me so far. (I already live a moderately isolated lifestyle it turns out.)

                                          • Entertaining the kids, as it’ll be days 3 & 4 at home after being pulled out of school mid-week. Given my wife looks after them all week whilst I’m working I should help out at weekends too.
                                          • Helping a friend mow his lawn. His dad donated him a lawnmower but he’s never used it, so wants a hand
                                          • Organising/tidying my garage, I have half an idea of moving my office into it without a full conversion in the short term but need to tidy it up massively before that can be an idea.
                                          • Mowing my own lawn. Spring is a thing and I didn’t cut the lawn late enough at the end of last year. It’s a bit wild.
                                          • I’d also like to get my 4G failover WAN link wired into the home network successfully too. Currently I have a Raspberry Pi sat there with the 4G USB modem plugged into it, but not actively acting as an uplink for the network.
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                                            Document more of neuron and hack on improving it for general use.

                                            1. 2

                                              This is a really interesting! I have just downloaded it and I am learning about the Zettelkasten. I always needed a system where I can have all my markdown notes in one place, linked together.

                                            2. 2

                                              I’m going to look into theory around scaling. Methods to identify non scalable units, and different scalability types. How they affect the systems scalability overall. doing an analysis of how the company I work at handles scaling. Maybe writing a blog post about it. Would love if you guys could recommend any resources; papers or books.

                                              I’m also learning how to sketch so I’m going to set up a proper workflow that will keep me honest in my studies.

                                              And doom eternal :>

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                                                I didn’t end up working on my NaNoRenMo entry at all this month, so I’m going to try to do the whole thing this weekend. (It’s not like I’m going anywhere, and all work schedules are a lot looser now that everybody’s working from home.)

                                                I will probably also be doing some real work this weekend, as I foolishly told my boss that I’d have something done Monday morning that my manager thinks can’t & shouldn’t be done at all, & so I’m on the hook for it even though doing it will be much more complicated than I expected.

                                                I will probably play more World of Horror since the author just patched away the ability to kick ghosts.

                                                1. 2

                                                  Dark Souls 2 progression. Current level: 70. Current location: Iron Keep. The 1st boss here is pretty tough.

                                                  Continue to dabble on my side project.

                                                  Just relax.

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                                                    What do you think of DS2? It’s the only DS that I couldn’t get into. The combat felt like BS in all the worst ways, even with pumping up ADP. I say this not to discourage you but to one day be able to play it and enjoy it, because DS games are very special overall and I like the look of DS2 a lot.

                                                    1. 1

                                                      My first thought of DS2 was: why does this look noticeably worse than DS1? Where’s the cool bump map lighting?? I was really disappointed to learn they turned off these effects because of performance issues.

                                                      As for the combat, it’s more or less the same. There is not much to comment on. I feel like in general, the game has been way easier than DS1. The explanation for this could be, I’m just better at understanding what the game designers are aiming for in many scenarios.

                                                      I’m playing all the Souls and Souls-like series by FROMSOFTWARE for the historical gaming value. I want to experience these like when everyone else got to, and when I couldn’t. Good or bad, I play because I want to deconstruct and experience the games for what they are.

                                                      Overall, DS2 is worse than DS1, but if you see it as just “more levels” to the Dark Souls series, it can be seen in an ok light. From a scale of I-cant-be-bothered to holy-shit-drop-everything, it’s probably around play-it-for-fun-and-try-to-beat-it-fast.

                                                      One saving grace for this game is the level design. There are significantly more bonfires and the levels are small enough you can get through one each evening. So for playing through, it’s nice. But the level design itself sucks. It is not as cohesive and sculpted like “the world” in DS1. DS2 feels like levels. DS1 feels like a world.

                                                      Additional note: I’m playing on PS3. I got all these games for free even with their metal cases (yeah, metal disk cases…!) There are still people online and I summon them or put my sign down to be summoned all the time.


                                                  2. 2

                                                    I look forward to watching the Mandalorian every evening with my son. Going to watch a few more over the weekend. Hopefully a long walk with my wife if we can still go out.

                                                    Looking for some good movies to watch and things to do with the kids (8 and 11).

                                                    1. 2

                                                      Connecting to a machine translation engine (I’m guessing Google’s or DeepL’s) and trying to figure out a translation workflow on Git.

                                                      1. 2

                                                        Too much Factorio. Maybe I’ll beat it one of these days.

                                                        1. 1

                                                          I have a couple of tutorials I’m writing on contract, about one about angular and fusionauth and and one about ruby lambdas. Plus some resumes for the job hunt.

                                                          Plus staying inside, sheltering in place.

                                                          Surreal times!

                                                          1. 1

                                                            Reading more of “Let over Lambda.” I got two chapters into it yesterday and so far almost every page has forced me to consciously realize something about lisp that I feel like I unconsciously knew but was not taking advantage of.

                                                            Additionally, what with all the new government admonitions to remain indoors, I’m hoping to have some time to get back to hacking on several projects of my own.

                                                            1. 1

                                                              Finishing and releasing Crossbow, the cron friendly rss reader.

                                                              1. 1

                                                                I’ve spent this week almost 100% indoors except for taking out garbage and recycling. Honestly it’s a little rough. My wife and I want to drive out to a nature spot and see if it’s possible to go for a walk but maintain social distancing.

                                                                People at work keep complaining there are no good collaborative whiteboard web apps. I haven’t found a good enough app yet. The official guidance is to use screen sharing and share some local program (i.e. no real collaboration). So this weekend I’m forking the GraphEditor example from mxGraph (the underlying technology of draw.io) and hacking together collaboration. I’m close to something that works! I’ll make it open source, public, and free for all.

                                                                Also: Far Cry 5 is awesome!

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                                                                  1. 1

                                                                    Weekend is almost over here, but yesterday I painted my hallway and planning on doing more house hold related upgrades as I’ve been working from home for a week.

                                                                    Today I’ve done some more household improvements and wrote some code. I panned on setting up wallabag but ended up considering writing an alternative as my basic needs are reading interesting links later on my tablet without distractions.

                                                                    I’ve written a small PoC in nodejs as mozilla provides a readability lib to make a readable version of a blog/article and create a rss feed with the content.

                                                                    The code can be checke hered http://sprunge.us/kTXC26