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    I found the survey to be a bit underwhelming, it is really oriented towards people who are actively using Go to gauge the shortcomings for their situation. I did use Go for two years, but moved on (mainly to Rust). I didn’t just jump on another hype train, but there were specific reasons for (largely) leaving Go. There was not a lot of room in this survey to provide rationale on why I did so (so, I abused a few of the free-form fields ;)).

    I feel like in this kind of survey, there should be different paths for: (1) I was never a Go user, but I am interested; (2) I am an active Go user; (3) I was a Go user, but left for various reasons, with different questions. This would give much more insight why potential newcomers haven’t started learning Go yet, or why you are losing some of your user base.

    Obviously, it makes it a bit harder to make aggregate statistics over all the respondents.