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    Coming from Haskell, I am intrigued but also concerned by the level of fine-grained control that modern C++ provides (something like “it’s neat that you can do all this, but you shouldn’t have to”). That said I am contemplating a project where using modern C++ may be one possible way to go. Blog posts like the one above are good for practitioners keeping up with the state of the art, but does anyone have a good recommendation for a work that teaches the “modern C++ mindset”? I have dim memories from around the C++98/C++03 era, if that’s a better starting point.

    Also, to what extent is it possible to use modern C++ without getting tangled up in boost::galaxy::brain-type templatey stuff?

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      Same here. There’s a ton of really subtle things. I don’t feel I could ever master C++, so I’d be doomed to have a forever almost-but-not-quite correct code, e.g.

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        It’s exactly stuff like this that me run screaming all the way back to C if I want to do something that’s got a chance of being bootstrappable and understandable.

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        I really liked “A Tour of C++”, which explains new & new-ish C++ concepts for people who know a bit of programming and maybe some old C/C++. Though if your project is for fun, I’d challenge you to use it as an opportunity to learn something more modern and fun :) I personally really like Rust, but I also heard that Swift and Go are fun choices!