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Dmitry Shapiro (MySpace CTO, Veoh CEO, Ex-Googler) has launched http://www.gometa.io and it has potential to be the next pokemongo craze.

2 min video: https://streamable.com/g7zf Dmitry appears at the end.


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    Goddamnit @andrewfromx you had one job…not to start out your posting career here with spam.

    One. Job.

    Flagged, and now I feel bad for being the schmuck that invited you.

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      sigh Sadly, I know the feeling - happened to me too :(

      But, I’m sure @andrewfromx will learn from the experience :)

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        sorry man, i really thought I was sharing some insight with lobster community that wasn’t available anywhere else. If gometa does go on to become a hit, is that vindication?

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          No. This would still be a bad, off-topic story.

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            ok, i think I understand now. Here’s what I want to submit next, would this be ok? http://bothsidesofthecommandline.tumblr.com/post/146103643183/two-threads-a-race-condition-and-ftp it’s a story I wrote about programming.

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              Yes, this would be a solid story to submit.

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                Much better.