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    Why don’t we add full-text search to pkg_info?

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      ATM the search syntax is limited to SQLite’s FTS5 syntax and invalid syntax crashes it :D

      I might move to postgresql’s fts stuff here pretty soon.

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        It seems me that is a new challenger to openports.pl? Openports.pl is create by one OpenBSD team member, solene@. (as Solène Rapenne). It’s hosted on OpenBSD.amsterdam.

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          This one was made my be, it’s also hosted on openbsd.ams :D

          Not specifically a challenger - it would be trivial to add the FTS stuff to openports.pl - I made openbsd.app to show the advantages of searching DESCR (not just COMMENT).

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            “not just COMMENT” - this is within the context of OpenBSD’s default pkg_* tools.