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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Aiming at nothing.

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      Making bread! Hopefully sourdough, brioche, and a challah.

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        Please, seriously, let me know how it turns out. I’ve never been able to get anything more than Irish quickbread to work for me, but I love challah and sourdough.

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          Try this no knead bread recipe. I’m a cooking disaster on wheels and I’ve done it a dozen or so times - the results are SUPER delicious and it’s awfully easy.

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            I’m a cooking disaster on wheels

            I’ve never felt more aptly described before.

            Thank you!

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              My wife and I joke that we still don’t REALLY know how to cook but have learned to fake it well enough to competently make a handful of ludicrously simple recipes :)

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            The sourdough looks promising – currently it’s doing a slow ferment in the fridge. I’ll take it out this evening and bake it. Never made brioche or challah, though. I’m doing a “master class” with my mother for the challah.

            Here are some of the resources I have found extraordinarily useful in getting started with bread baking:

            1. NYTimes no-knead
            2. King Arthur no-knead

            I know everybody uses cup measurements in these simple recipes but that is so hard to get right for compressible things like flour. The most success I’ve had in baking started when I began using my girlfriend’s $10 kitchen scale (this one is pretty accurate and cheap).

            Here’s what recipe I would recommend to get a pretty reproduceable bread:


            • 500g bread flour (King Arthur, Bob’s Red Mill, etc as long as it is unbleached)
            • 350g water, lukewarm
            • 10g kosher salt + add another 10g water when you add the salt
            • 2g dry yeast (Red Star, Fleischmann’s, etc all fine)

            (Note: this is a 70% hydration bread, because you have 0.7:1 ratio water:flour. This took a bit for me to understand. Recipe masses scale linearly, so you can double or halve, as necessary.)


            • Kitchen scale, ideally accurate to 1g
            • Saran wrap or equivalent, if leaving the dough in the fridge overnight to ferment (not mentioned below)
            • Mixing bowl
            • Spatula or bowl scraper, for getting the dough out of the bowl
            • Hands or stand mixer
            • Cotton hand-towel big enough to cover the whole bowl and drape over
            • A warm place (70-80F). Could be your kitchen if it’s the right temperature, your oven with the oven light on, your oven with a container of hot water in it, a proofing chamber if you are feeling particularly luxurious, …
            • Oven + mitts/thick towels for handling hot containers
            • A container to bake in, like a cast-iron dutch oven. A baking sheet is also probably fine but your bread will spread out more and it will be harder to get a nice crust. I also don’t have experience baking bread on just a baking sheet.


            1. Mix 500g water and 350g flour in mixing bowl, either with your hands or a stand mixer, until you can’t see any dry flour left. Don’t be tempted to add more flour or water.
            2. Cover the bowl with the towel and let sit for 30mins.
            3. Add yeast, salt, water, and mix in until you can’t see any more dry remnants.
            4. Let rise in a warm place (70-80F) for 1-3 hours, higher times if you have lower temperatures. The bread should “double” ish in size. If you are feeling adventurous you can try folding the dough every hour while it is rising. Make sure your hands are wet, not soaked, so they don’t stick to the dough.
            5. REMOVE THE DOUGH FROM THE OVEN and preheat your oven to 500F with the empty dutch oven inside it.
            6. Remove very hot dutch oven from the oven and gently dump your blob of dough into the center of the dutch oven, folded bits down (smooth on top).
            7. Put a lid on the dutch oven, turn oven to 450F, and put the dutch oven back in the oven for 20 minutes. The lid – optional – helps the bread steam itself and form a crust. It will still be fine if you don’t do this.
            8. Take the lid off the dutch oven and put a baking sheet under the dutch oven in the oven. Apparently this helps deflect heat and avoid burning the bottom of the bread. The baking sheet is pretty optional. Bake for another 20 minutes.
            9. Keep an eye on your bread, ideally through the oven door / with the oven light – you don’t want to vary the oven temperature too much by opening the door. Wait until the crust is a nice golden brown, or I guess whatever color you like.
            10. When you deem the bread ready, turn the oven off and crack the oven door. This is called “curing” the bread and will help dry it out a little more if it normally comes out a bit wet. It’s a better alternative to leaving the bread in a 450F oven for longer.
            11. WAIT until the bread is room temperature ish before cutting into it. I forget the rationale but I remember it being a good reason.
            12. Cut into it, take your obligatory bread picture, and let me know how it is!!

            Feel free to ping if you would also like sourdough recipes.

            Okay that was way more text than I meant to write but I hope your bread adventures are fortuitous!

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              Dude, you’re a hero. Thank you!

              (And yes, I’ll ping you if I ever feel up to making sourdough. I’m gonna try these first, though.)

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                Glad I could be of service! Happy to write up the sourdough at some point. I just learned schema.org has a Recipe schema anyway…

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          Looking to convert my static site from Hugo to Zola

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            What’s next, Verne?


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              what does that even mean

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                Hugo, Zola, and Verne are literary figures

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                  French literary figures, at that. It shames me that Verne was the only one I could remember off the top of my head, but I see him as a spiritual successor to Hugo at least.

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              I’d like to throw in Pelican in to the ring as well! I’ve tried pretty much every status site generator and for many reasons Pelican is still the best.

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                I think I will try that, as I already found a problem with Zola


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                Zola looks very neat. I wonder what a conversion from Jekyll->Zola would look like for my site.

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                  Curious to hear how this goes. From a cursory glance, it looks like Hugo and Zola are fairly similar

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                    I was considering this as well, but I actually ended up on eleventy, and I’m really happy with it. Specifically, it feels customizable in ways that neither Hugo nor Zola are. Might be worth a look!

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                      I dont use any JavaScript software. Personally I feel that JavaScript isnt appropriate for applications outside the browser.

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                    Likely, I’ll just be playing video games (currently nolifing Risk of Rain 2) or investigating LV2 plugins, while concurrently (and most importantly) producing body heat for the cat.

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                      Contemplation of time. How is it that “time passes” for humans, when in actuality there is only this moment that is of infinite duration (aka. eternal moment) in which things exist and change dynamically?

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                        Tempus fugit.

                        It’s great to take a giant step back and spend some time ruminating on big picture thoughts like this. I should do this kind of thing more myself.

                        I find myself thinking about how time passes more and more as I age.

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                          I love this kind of questions, probably there are some answers to my questions, maybe I am not asking the proper questions, but the other day I was wondering something similar: If we can divide an hour by minutes, then minutes to seconds, seconds to milliseconds and so on, can we divide to the infinite? I would say no, since it would take an eternity to pass from one second to the other, therefore there must be an indivisible time span so time can pass from one to another. I’m probably making wrong assumptions, I should read what experts think.

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                            You may find this article interesting, re: division.

                            The contemplation I was referring to is more of an experiential awareness than an intellectual exercise. As in, really getting curious and focusing on what is happening right now like a predator focuses on its prey. Getting really fascinated, and figuring out just how exactly time “moves” … and if it doesn’t move, what is happening? Is it actually the case that time moving is an illusion, and that “I” create this illusion … and can I actually find this out for myself by paying attention to what is happening now? Etc.

                            It can get to be fascinating, and at that point you start to become aware of how “you” (including “your” feelings) operate - because time & identity are intimately related.

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                          Heading back to school. Close friend’s dad is a pilot and needs to keep his hours up so he offered to fly me over there. Uni is just a little over an hour’s drive away so this is kind of ridiculous but I’m not complaining. I’ll tell everyone I got back in a private jet.

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                            It’s going to be snowy, so after shovelling, I hope to take the girls to a local park for some tobogganing. We’re hosting a few friends on Saturday night, so there will also be cleaning and party prep, and then a party, and then cleaning. I have a new Wifi mesh thing to set up at some point; I went with a mesh because we don’t really have the money to wire the house for Ubiquiti gear (yet) and our existing router is, sadly, both dying because toddlers love blinkenlights, and too underpowered to get decent speeds (we have 1.5Gb/s FTTP).

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                              My new nephew (new-phew) will be a week old, so we’re gonna go have dinner with his family.

                              Also gonna start working in earnest on my Spanish. I’m making slow progress.

                              (Incidentally, I ran into a Quebecois dude at conference this week and apparently my French is still kinda okay! Go me!)

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                                  I’ll be contributing code to an Overwatch Fantasy League this weekend. We’re going into an alpha launch for season 03 of the league (totally revamped application from the ground up!). I’m very excited.

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                                    if monday counts, i’m seeing hatsune miku in berlin this weekend. pretty excited!

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                                      • Parkrun. Been about a year since my last Parkrun, sort of looking forward to it.
                                      • Working on the race management system for the sailing club. Aim for this weekend is to get it so we can enter boats into races for the day, and possibly calculate the Pursuit race start times.
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                                        I got started on implementing the times builtin a while back, but had to stop. Since then, the project has changed dramatically and I’ve had to relearn where things are in the repository. I figured there are probably other developers out there that would like to contribute to Oil as well, but don’t know how/where to get started, so I’m also planning to write a “Hello, world!” guide to creating builtins in OSH. That way, developers have a starting point if they want to work some of these are similiar issues:




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                                          I’ll continue hacking on my my ssh-chat bot which will send me notifications when i am mentioned on the chat.

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                                            Making ice cream. Trying to be nice to my in-laws. Continuing my game engine in C99.

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                                              Game engine sounds neat, have you put any info out about it?

                                              Also, what flavor ice cream?

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                                                Vanilla ice cream with probably strawberries in it.

                                                Game engine sounds neat, have you put any info out about it?

                                                No. I just make games and graphics demos for myself and don’t want to be grandiose about it. This time around it’s just 2D supporting layers drawn by a 3D-based backend. I’ve never done hot reload of game shared objects/DLLs before, but I just got that to work on Linux and Windows this morning.

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                                              I’ve had a goal of creating a personal resume site. Every time I start it fizzles out….

                                              So I’m starting again with Hugo…

                                              Heres to another attempt.

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                                                Translating a Workers’ Inquiry from Tech Workers Coalition in Italian. Possibly starting an article about the conflict between “hacker culture” and capitalist theft of time.

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                                                  Reading about quantum computing. Get a IO board working. Some work in the backyard. And I would like to experiment with Haskell Euterpia if I get to it.

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                                                    Improve the overall API of Phoon.

                                                    For now I have the following questions in mind:

                                                    • How to deal nicely with query parameters ?
                                                    • How to compile routes (to a Tree structure) at compile time ? (for now it’s done at server startup)
                                                    • Is it worth it to be able to run on top of Httpbeast or is the standard http server good enough ?
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                                                      I have a question about what to do on the next weekend. My friends and I are visiting scholars at the University of Alberta. Next weekend is the Chinese New Year, and we would like to celebrate it with a trip to Vancouver through 1/23 to 1/27, but we haven’t made a detailed plan yet.

                                                      Do you guys have any recommendations? :)

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                                                        Robotics volunteering, running a half marathon, and figuring out GPU/PCIE VM passthrough since an application update borked my Windows setup…

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                                                          Going to the Blue Jays Winterfest because I’m a huge baseball nerd. Seeing an orchestra play some classic Tchaikovsky (gift from the mother-in-law, Soviet ex-pat who loves that I love classical Russian stuff), and producing a comedy show at a brewery.

                                                          Its my birthday on Monday so I want to do as much as possible to not think about it.

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                                                            I was hoping to catch up on sleep as this week’s been pretty bad, but work-induced stress is getting the best of me.

                                                            Otherwise I’m carrying on with the Algorithms course I mentioned last week. Staying on top of deadlines is hard when I don’t have the time or mental capacity during the week.

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                                                              It’s a busy weekend for me! Going to see a play with my wife, attending a friend’s wedding, and if there’s time, finishing up the wiring for my arcade control panel.

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                                                                Trail building tomorrow morning and a long road ride on Sunday if the forecast holds.

                                                                Dry weather can’t get here soon enough. I miss mountain biking every weekend something fierce.