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Some time ago I made this post (https://lobste.rs/s/lepnje/i_made_programming_language_based_on) about a joke language based on COBOL syntax I had written. I had many upvotes here and on reddit and a lot of people jumped aboard and started contributing to the project, up to the point where it turned into some serious thing! I am so impressed and happy by how this turned out.

And with the help of some wonderful contributors - who worked hard day and night, from all over the world - today I can announce that we are releasing LDPL 3.0.4 ‘Busy Brontosaurus’ and that the language is more usable and stable than ever. And I cannot be thankful enough.

I wanted to share this here and to show you the language once more and how it has developed over the course of the last months. I’m just very, very happy. I hope you like it!


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    I guess next post will be “Check Out This New Operating System, Written in LDPL!”

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      Hahahaha, I thought about it!