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https://lobste.rs/moderations now shows all moderator actions when editing stories or deleting comments. If users ever have to be banned, those will be shown there as well.

As I stated in my original motivations for creating this site, I wanted moderator transparency as far as who is a moderator and what actions have been taken.


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    Great job, that bolsters my trust in this site quite a bit.

    It’s good to know that a news source can be trusted to at least be transparent about its rules and how they’re enforced.

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        It is now implemented. You’ll see the summary in the byline if it has any downvotes.

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        Well done, glad to see lobsters taking shape. This is a really interesting take on moderating internet communities – I don’t think I’ve ever seen the moderator log collected like this. Any further news on moderators (who they’ll be, what they’ll do, etc) or is it just a solo thing for now?

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          I’m so excited about this. Reddit has a similar feature, but there isn’t a way to make it public. I think this transparency will help keep the community healthy.

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            Some subreddits have gotten around this: http://transparency.dbzer0.com/modlog/anarchism/

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            Is there a list of moderators?