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    I wrote a quick commentary on some of the issues at hand.

    Crowdfunding needs some ways for non experts to be able to assess whether a certain project can deliver on its promises.(which ind.ie never could. Building your own smartphone with a handful of people?)

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      I think it can be done. Not a smartphone that can compete with Samsung or Apple on (all of) performance, fit-and-finish, and size, but it can be done. Bunnie and Xobs are shipping their open-source Novena laptop as we speak. There’s only two of them, and they seem to have fingers in many pies to boot :)

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        I don’t think this team could have. Bunnie and crew are technical people who have the knowledge, connections and know their limitations. These people didn’t seem to have a realistic goal. Maybe they can badge engineer a Chinese phone with some firmware, but even that I doubt.

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          I agree that it can be done – isn’t this what Jolla did?

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        It’s interesting how you seem to put Apple and Google in such extremes in your comparisons throughout the site: “Apple doesn’t sell their users”, “they don’t do spyware while Google does”, etc. Perhaps I’m a cynic, perhaps I’m mixing up the news I heard, but could you elaborate a bit on these polar opposites?

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          One thing I find odd is that Windows fulfills their platform criteria: it’s a paid-for product, with no interest in selling your personal data, and all cloudy things are optional.

          So why not build a Windows app first? They don’t even mention it.

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            As much as I dislike the “white elite” trope, I believe this sums up the universe this guy lives in rather well: https://twitter.com/evemassacre/status/554963254490202112

            Egos cloud everything - including the potential for accepting that “M$” might fit their agenda… (he cites Microsoft as one of the “evil corps” in his blog because they “sell you out”, as opposed to Apple)

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              I also just found that they are explicitly named in their manifesto, but not in the linked article.

              https://ind.ie/about/ https://aralbalkan.com/notes/spyware-2.0/

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              I understood it to be because MS doesn’t (usually?) sell the hardware, while Apple does.

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                I think there’s an unfilled niche of high quality, we’ll integrated software for Windows from small independent teams, like you see on OS X. But most Mac focused teams I see like this one don’t care and brush it off.

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                http://twitter.com/aral might have the answers you seek.

                (Edit: I posted this here as the parent explicitly talks to the author - which is @aral and he usually can be contacted via twitter)