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      My current Gentoo images were built in 2012, but they use a make.conf that I’ve been updating for years before that. I still have USE flags like -esd, -arts, -mozilla and -nsplugin. I still have a use flag for msn even though that was only used in chat clients and has been gone for years.

      All that being said, my CFLAGS are still -O3 -pipe -march=native. It’s nice going through the wiki again though. my CPU_FLAGS_X86 are super out of date, and at some point I really should clean up all the unused stuff.

      I’ve tried going back to Ubuntu, and I do have Void installed on my media PC, but for my main PC, laptop and work PC, I run Gentoo. I really like Gentoo. :)

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      I did a text search for “funroll” and was not disappointed


      Yet for some reason, these two flags, along with -ffast-math, -fforce-mem, -fforce-addr, and similar flags, continue to be very popular among ricers who want the biggest bragging rights.